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the schlieffen plan

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<center> <b>Wish that you were here today But you're thousands and thousands of miles away You've got your airplane And I've got the plain air here You're gone and I've gone insane Oh when will you reappear hope that this makes you smile And you might stay that way for a while Cause you deserve every grin that you get And you'll get them a lot from me.</b><br><br><br> i'm amelia, 13, single.<br> i'm stubborn and always have to get my point across.<br> i hate it when people interrupt me when i'm having an arguement, i always try to be calm whilst arguing, though it never works :)<br> i really don't see the point in SAT's :(<br> i ...read more.


a take-away.<br> i prefer showers to baths, i hate washing my hair in baths!<br> i miss being little alot, but i wanna grow up and move out.<br> i'm abit weird, but in a funny way tbh.<br> i hate bitchiness and two-faced people, yet there has been many occasions where i've been bitchy and two-faced.<br> i try not to do it as much though.<br> i don't smoke, and i hardly ever drink, right good girl i am (:<br> the only reason hy i don't smoke is because i have a high risk of getting cancer, and tbh it sounds absoloutley awful :(<br> this's been really long tbh! ...read more.


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