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The Sun Dance.

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The Sun Dance It all began six weeks ago after I was captured by a group of Indians whilst I was counting the bulls on my ranch, I was shot down with an arrow and the next thing I could remember was waking up in a tepee. I was nicknamed horse (a name meaning that I was as much use as a horse!) by the other Indians for the reasons of simply being a white man and sentenced to a life of humiliation and slavery in the tribe. Eventually my wound healed and very slowly I began to adapt to the way of the Indians. It began like any other day in the tribe, with me looking after the children and doing all of the other jobs meant for women when one of the children in my care shouted to me 'black feet, black feet' I had heard it often enough, it was the cry of Indians from a rivalry tribe and I knew that if I was ever hoping to become anything but 'horse' to these Indians now was my chance to prove myself! Sure enough as the child had said, there were two black feet that riding towards our gathering, I leapt into action. ...read more.


I had heard the tribesmen talking of the sundance before but I knew very little about it, all I knew was that it was a very rarely done ritual and Indians would perform this ritual to win the heart of the one who he was to marry and that it was very, very, painful! The day of reckoning drew nearer and nearer and I knew now that now I had accepted the challenge, it was too late to change my mind. I knew no way of preparing myself and all I could do was grin and bear it! It finally came, the morning I had been anticipating for weeks, and I felt ready for the sun dance, whatever I had to do .I felt very nervous and, a little excited as this was my chance to prove myself worthy and win the heart of Naomi. A WHOLE DAY I HAD TO SPEND OUT IN THE SUN. That's twenty-four hours of the south American sun beating down on you with no food or drink but the thought of my wife to be Naomi sweating it out in a hot tepee made me feel just that little bit better! I spent most of my time looking forward to the rest of the sun dance; it had to be easier than this, didn't it?! ...read more.


I was lifted from the safety of the ground, supported only by the skin on my chest. At first, I didn't feel the pain but then it hit me, hard, it was like being fired at by a thousand arrows, but much more painful. I was spun around by the rope on my nipples. The pain was getting unbearably intense now and the last thing I can remember was a flash of light, blindingly bright, then an eagle flying across the sky effortlessly gliding on thin air, suddenly the eagle seemed to change to a herd of white buffalo stampeding across a scorched savannah with someone chasing them, it was me, just before I was caught by the Indians. I heard faint chanting in the distance and then I felt myself fall abruptly to the ground. From here on it will be my interpreter telling the story. 'Well, after you were cut from the rope you were carried off to your tepee and left there to either recover or die, many of us thought you would never wake up after such an ordeal but eventually you came round, Naomi was told and there was a huge celebration ritual and here you are today with seventeen children and six wives! ...read more.

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