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The United States of America 1919-41

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GCSE Modern World History Coursework The United States of America 1919-41 Question 1 Roosevelt's key promise of his election campaign was the New Deal for the American people, which would use government taxes to fund projects around the USA. Roosevelt planned to use the full power of the government to get the USA out of the Depression. His main priorities were: - * Getting the American people back to work. * Protecting their savings and property. * Providing relief for the sick, elderly and unemployed. * Getting American industry and agriculture back onto their feet. In the first 100 Days of his presidency Roosevelt worked round the clock with his team of advisors who were known as the "Brains Trust." Together they produced a range of measures to pull the whole of the country out of the Depression after the Wall Street Crash. ...read more.


In the 100 days as part of the New Deal the Alphabet Agencies were set up. * The Federal Emergency Relief Administration helped the poor and homeless * The Civilian Conservation Corps aimed to get young men back to work. * The Agriculture Adjustment Agency helped farmers with long-term support and help. Other agencies set up included the Public Works Administration, the National Recovery Administration and the Tennessee Valley Authority which was set up by Roosevelt, it cut the powers of the local state governments in the Tennessee area and with the power he set up a series of dams on the Tennessee river which provided water relief, electricity and most importantly jobs to the local area. The measures introduced had an immediate effect; they restored confidence in the government and brought back spirit to the USA after the Depression. ...read more.


Act provided state pensions for the elderly and widows, and allowed state governments to work with federal government to provide help for the sick and disabled and most importantly set up a scheme for unemployment insurance. Other schemes included the Work Progress Administration, which brought together all organisations whose aim was to create jobs, but it also extended work opportunities beyond just building projects, too jobs for officer workers and even unemployed actors, artists and photographers. And finally the Resettlement Administration, which was later, replaced by the Farm Security Administration, both helped to relocate over 500,000 families to better quality land and housing and also supply special loans to farmers to help them get back on their feet. As a result of both New Deals Roosevelt met his promises of getting the country back to work and pull the whole country out of the Depression and provided the county with immediate relief, recovery and long term reform. ...read more.

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