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This essay will explain what happened on 22nd November 1963 to J.F.Kennedy. It will tell you who the warren commission blamed for the assassination and why.

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This essay will explain what happened on 22nd November 1963 to J.F.Kennedy. It will tell you who the warren commission blamed for the assassination and why. It will also try and explain why so many people now question Oswald's guilt and it will give you all the different theories that were put forward and why they didn't work. In this essay there will be different sides and evidence that will help you to decide if Oswald was the person that was really responsible for the assassination of the president. There are reasons to believe that this was all a conspiracy and that it was all carefully planned out by the CIA itself. Hopefully you will keep an open mind and make your own judgements as to what you think happened on that fateful day in Dallas. Now please read on... On November 22nd 1963 an event occurred that changed the lives of many Americans. John. F. Kennedy, the president of the United States, was assassinated in front of hundreds of eyewitnesses. Within 1 hour of the shooting, Dallas police had their man. The accused was Lee Harvey Oswald. The purpose of Kennedy's trip was to campaign for the presidential elections. He arrived in Dallas at 11:37 AM. Kennedy was to ride in a limousine with his wife Jacqueline, John Connally, the governor of Texas, and Mrs. ...read more.


Many American citizens do not believe Oswald to be the lone assassin. There are many theories of a conspiracy. Oswald's death points to a conspiracy. Why would someone be shot for no apparent reason? Oswald's death could have been because someone did not want him to reveal any information on Kennedy's death. Jack ruby said that he killed Oswald to prevent Oswald's wife from the pain of having to testify against her husband's death. Conspiracists say he killed Oswald so he could not give away any names of people who were involved in the assassination. Some people think the Central Intelligence Agency planned the assassination because Kennedy was planning to shut down all operations of the CIA. They were doing secret operations in foreign countries, which was against Kennedy's policy. He was planning to shut them down. Conspiracists believe that the CIA would have the ability to cover up their involvement in a conspiracy. Others believe the CIA was in co-operation with the Mafia. In New Orleans there were many Mob and CIA connections. Lee Harvey Oswald was part of a group of ex-CIA agents and Cubans. They were running guns, illegally, to training camps in southern parts of Louisiana. Among these people were David Ferry, Guy Banister, and Clay Shaw. These people were said to have had connections to Oswald. ...read more.


Gen. Edwin A. Walker, and possessed the capability with a rifle, which would have enabled him to commit the assassination. On the basis of these findings the Commission has concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald was the assassin of President Kennedy. I think that Oswald could not have been familiar with the motorcade route before he came to work on November 22, that he may well have carried curtain rods rather than a rifle in a brown paper package he brought with him to work that day. There may have been other people in the building who could have fired the rifle. I don't think that Oswald could have fired the shots in the time available to him, because he only had a few seconds to make 6 shots and I don't think he was a good enough marksman to have scored the hits with the rifle. I would imagine that there were other people in the lunchroom of the Depository Building when he was confronted by Patrolman M. L. Baker that could have done it aswell. I don't think there are any eyewitnesses who could identify Oswald as having been in the window because it was 6th floor and any one could have looked like anyone else. For all you know the eyewitnesses might have been fake. The CIA might have paid them for what they say or something like that. It could be any other theory because I think they are all backed up well. By Diana Rough 9L1 ...read more.

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