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USA Desegregation of Schools

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Why did the desegregation of schools become a major problem in the USA in the 1950s? In 1950s American schools, white and black children were segregated. This meant that they were kept apart and taught separately. Moreover, schools for black children were always less well equipped than schools for white children. This issue was a highly sensitive one at the time, with social and political matters causing a problem for the US Government in the 1950s. There were several long-term causes for segregation in schools. The legacy of the civil war and fight for slavery in southern states was still rife, and there was animosity between the southern states that fought for slavery, and the northern states which opposed it. The North effectively won the Civil War, and the slavery of black people was abolished. However the effects of the conflict were to be felt many years later as segregation took hold in American schools. There were also short-term causes for the segregation problems. The re-emergence of the Ku Klux Klan meant that hatred towards black people and the determination to segregate different races in society had massively increased, especially in the Deep South. ...read more.


This fear from the white communities in the Deep South turned into aggression towards the fairly unknown black population. This was a massive problem for politicians because they needed as many votes as possible, and if they were seen to publicly criticise segregation then they would loose votes in the Deep South. Throughout American history, the Constitution had stated that all American citizens should be equal. However, with segregation it was clear that this was not the case. Therefore the Jim Crow laws were said to be unconstitutional. So too were the rulings which stated that segregation in schools was acceptable. As a result, black citizens wanted equal rights, as stated in the Constitution. The case for equality was further strengthened when thousands of black soldiers fought to defend the USA in the Second World War. This was one of the main arguments campaigners for desegregation used. Why should people who fought to defend their homeland be forced to live as substandard citizens? There was a growing awareness of inequality throughout America that only served to highlight the problem of segregation. ...read more.


The problem of racism in school was a problem because children are the next generation of Americans. If they were being influenced to be prejudiced and encourage segregation then this would translate into the next generation. This ploy of segregation in schools was deliberately deployed because it reduced the competition for education - and subsequently jobs. Black citizens were feared because of the competition for labour they would bring to society. Therefore segregation in schools would create white prominence. The desegregation of schools was a major turning point in the problem of segregation in the USA. The desegregation of schools was the first step towards desegregation of society in southern states. The desegregation of schools was a massive problem in the USA, but was one that was successfully handled by the federal government. Once segregation was found to be unconstitutional, the Government had no choice but to abolish it in US schools. This was the first step towards total desegregation of American society and the acceptance of black citizens. However a certain animosity remained between the North and South for several years after the desegregation of schools, as the legacy of the Civil War remained. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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