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Use Source A and your knowledge of the period to explain why people supported Roosevelt in the 1932 election.

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Christian Hidalgo Coursework 1. Study Source A. Use Source A and your knowledge of the period to explain why people supported Roosevelt in the 1932 election. By 1932, the Depression was at it's worst point. Industrial production had fallen by 40%, wages 69%, and share prices over 80%. America had 14 million unemployed but Herbert Hoover remained with the believe that economy would recover and prosperity return if businesses were left alone. He was seen by the people as the "do nothing President". He believed that the Depression had been caused because of economic problems in Europe, not in America. He did nothing to help those who were worst hit by the Depression. Hoover believed that social security was not the responsibility of the government but of the local government or charities. In 1932 Hoover proved how heartless he was by accusing the servicemen who had fought in WWI and marched into Washington to ask for their bonuses to be paid early as Communists and criminals and the army dispersed the Bonus Marchers leading to the death of two babies. The people saw the government to have lost all sense of proportion. Hoover's Democratic opponent F.D. Roosevelt was a great contrast to Hoover. He believed in active government which should do the best to help the life's of ordinary people. ...read more.


In Source B, the achievements in tackling the problems of natural resources by forming the CCC- Civilian Conservation Corps which were able to plant 17 million acres of new forests and built 6 millions dams to stop erosion with 3 million men are shown as one other of Roosevelt's big successes. By 1932, the number of unemployed was at it's highest, 14 million. By introducing unemployment assistance Roosevelt was able to reduce unemployment. He also introduced old-age pensions and banned child labour. All these actions were strengthening the government and although it had greater responsibilities the people still had the power to vote them out. The American historian writing source B in 1945 does not agree that Roosevelt was a dictator. In Source C, Roosevelt and the introduction of the New Deal are criticised. It can be clearly seen that it has been written by opponents of Roosevelt, most likely, Republicans. Source C comments that every one in four people in the USA depends on employment by the government. It gives national debt figures of 19 billion before Roosevelt came to power which rose to 250 billion when he became President. It says that inflation had increased the prices of goods double and had led to lower paid to become poor. ...read more.


This led to an increase of unemployment, over 11 million. Over the top of the photograph we can read "World's highest standard of living". This can be seen as ironically and sarcastically as although USA was the richest country of the world, only a small minority, mostly white, benefited from it. Although we cannot be for sure that the photograph has not been fitted together, the image of the photographer is clearly portrayed. The New Deal was divided into several agencies, each to help somehow the bad situation of the people. Although the CCC gave a number of jobs to black, the percentage was minimum. The AAA, by modernising farms led many black to become unemployed. Many agencies discriminated black and did not provide help to the black. Black remained second-class citizens. Racism and discrimination remained widespread. Segregation continued to take place in education, transport and public places. Blacks were forbidden to live in Tennessee Valley. By 1935, 30% of the black population living in the USA were living on relief. Roosevelt was unable to put through civil rights laws, particularly an anti-lynching law. The photographer is making clear to the population that the New Deal was only successful in helping part of the white and a very tiny percentage of the black population. It also sends the message that white were much more likely to live a higher standard of living than black. ...read more.

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