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vietnam coursework

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VIETNAM COURSEWORK Study source A what cab you learn from source A about the reasons for us involvement in Vietnam. One of the reasons America became more involved in Vietnam was they the fact that they feared the dominion affect. The domino affect is the theory that when one country becomes communist the surrounding countries will 'fall into communism like dominoes'. We can acknowledge this from source A with this quote "if the red tide of communism overflowed into Vietnam, then Burma,Thailand,India,Japan, the Philippines and obviously Laos and Cambodia would be threatened" this shows that America feared the possibility that Vietnam could fall into communism. Another reason For America's involvement in the Vietnam was that they feared that if Vietnam became communist economy. Would be affected , and trade surrounding countries would not be possible, Vietnam's economy is essential to the economy of southeast Asia. This shows that JFK believed that if the economy of Vietnam was damage the other countries in the world . Would be damaged economically. Also it can be said that,America never really had a large amount of consideration for the economy in south east Asia,but was scared of what would happen to their own economy if Vietnam had become communist. Study sources B and C in what ways sources B and C help you understand the reasons for us involvement in south Vietnam. The evidence in sources B shows U.S that a reason for us involvement in Vietnam was to justify the recent war to stop communism in Korea. In this war America had lost 142,000 solders in the war against Korea . They did not want this lost to be in vain by allowing Vietnam to fall into communism so easily. Evidence is source B helps me to understand because of this quote "in Vietnam a communist government has set out to conquer a sovereign people" this shows that America believed that the south of Vietnam was unable to defend themselves against the aggression of the north. ...read more.


a unique fighting style which the American's were not use to this fighting style, because it opened them up to physiological as well as physical warfare and because most of the soldiers were of a young age they could not handle it, also open warfare which consisted of the dropping of countless bombs during operation rolling thunder (which was meant to last for eight weeks but lasted for 3 years) , did not have any effect on the thick dense forests of Vietnam. How useful are sources F,G and I as evidence of the public reaction to the Vietnam war in the mid 1960's . source F shows that it's use is limited because, the question on the poll are ambiguous, this is because the meaning of the question is misleading "backing up the boys in Vietnam" does not necessarily show support of the war, it shows you would support our soldiers, also we are given a percentage which means we are not told an exact number of the people that took the poll, so therefore it can be said that this is only a small segment of the publics view. Source G shows that it use is debatable, because even though it says that the main problem facing America in the mid 1960's. However we are not given the amount or a percentage of people that voted, therefore we can assume that most people might not have even voted on the poll, and again it could be said that only a small amount of people voted, so it does not effectively show the public reaction to Vietnam war. Source I Study sources G,H,I,J,K and L use the evidence of these sources, and your own knowledge, to explain why public opinion about the war in the U.S.A changed between 1967 and 1970. There are many reasons why public opinion changed between 1967 and 1970, such as the person involvement of families going to war, because the average age of the soldier were vulnerable to psychological damage. ...read more.


Other famous protest singers such as Bob Dylan were promoted further by television. Source F is direct evidence from a reputable US magazine Newsweek "Television seems to have encouraged a majority of viewers to support the war. 64% said television had made them feel like backing up the boys in Vietnam. 26& felt moved to oppose the war." Though the majority of those asses felt moved to back the war effort this evidence proves that television had an effect on opinions of the war in Vietnam. Previous wars had been fought far away in terms of both distance and time, the immediate presence of television made the Vietnam War seem immediate occurring at the present time and in the publics view. Publications of the time also made the war have an immediate impact for example sources J and K. News reporting was a major passage into Vietnam, the intrusive, inquiring and inquisitive attitude that reporters have to adopt in order to obtain a story led to the American authorities being forced to reveal details that were intended to be kept secret. The exposure of these details that allowed the public to make an independent opinion on the Vietnam War rather than the opinion the government wanted them to adopt. Discoveries such as the secret bombing raid on Cambodia led to the public not viewing their government to be as credible as once believed. All the actions of the US government where then scrutinized closely, due to the television coverage during Vietnam. n 1969, the start of the 'Vietnamization' took place, whereby the US soldiers were told to withdraw from Vietnam to leave the North and South of Vietnam to sort out things out between them. By 1975, the Vietnam War is over. So television did play an important part in changing people's attitudes towards the Vietnam War but it wasn't the only form of media to do so. There were also other things which added to people changing their mind and this eventually lead to the US withdrawing from the Vietnam War. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE History Projects section.

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