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Was Custer a Hero?

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Was Custer a Hero? Was Custer a hero? In my opinion, I think he had the ability to become a hero, but made some terrible mistakes. His first downfall was when he graduated last in his class at the United States Military Academy. This tells us that he was neither very academic nor very intelligent or maybe he was lazy. From this point, he shot up through the ranks in the army: first he became Captain, then Lieutenant-Colonel and finally Brigadier-General at the age of 23, becoming the youngest General ever in the US army. This tells us he must have been talented, had the skills or showed strong leadership qualities. ...read more.


he seemed like a stubborn, ambitious man, who was not afraid to do what it took to become great. But could this also show vanity? These aspects of his life contradict each other, so I am unable to make a strong statement about his heroism. Or was it rather his cowardice? Many people had different opinions of Custer, Some thought he was a brave warrior and others thought he was over-ambitious and selfish. "He was a brave warrior and died a brave man" Low Dog (a chief at Little Big Horn) ""A cold-blooded, untruthful and unprincipled man, despised by most of his officers" (General David Stanly, US Army) These are only two opinions from two very different people. ...read more.


Firstly, Custer refused more men when he was offered them. He must have thought that he could manage it with the men he had because they thought that there were less Indians. Secondly, Custer disobeyed orders and rode south, and crossed the Wolf Mountains. When he found the Indian camp, he ordered his men to attack, but with terrible consequences. Custer was outnumbered by the Indians and was killed in the Battle. Custer wanted a great victory, so that he could get the honour and glory for himself. In conclusion, I think that Custer had a great amount of opportunities, but made the wrong decisions. These lead to great downfalls in his career. I feel that Custer's decisions were unplanned and impetuous and I think this would have led to his downfalls. ...read more.

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