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Was King John an evil king?

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25th April Essay: Was king john an evil king? There are different opinions about whether King John was an evil king or not. Some people look differently at evidence to try and figure out what he did to help answer this question - was King John an evil king? However I am going to tell you about two sides of the debate and see what I can find out from the evidence. Some people believe that John was an evil man. ...read more.


On top of this, a statement says ?Hell itself is made more horrible by King John.? When John became King the people feared him as he treated them badly, lost wars and made life a misery. Other pieces of evidence suggest the same thing, meaning this point is very strong. Other people, on the other hand, have suggested that King John was a commendable King. An extract from a textbook says, ? John made sure that justice was being done in the courts and mercy was given to widows and orphans who had done ...read more.


In conclusion, I think it is right to call King John an evil King because, even though we are not certain, the evidence to say he was a good king still implies that we have good reason to believe that it was partly made up. There again nobody knows for sure whether he was an incapable king: especially evidence from when the event actually happened as people may have hated him and made it up. Thank you for reading my essay. What do you think about King John? ...read more.

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