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Was Stalin a Disaster For the Soviet Union?

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Stalin was called many things. Many christened him 'The gravedigger of the Revolution', saying that the entire socialist plans and ideas that were in place after the 1917 revolution were destroyed once Stalin was in power. A whole new socialist and essentially Communist society was expected in Russia but after Stalin took over the ideas never quite made it into daily life. Some call Stalin a murderer and an evil man. One who killed millions of innocent Russians for what was seen as no real reason. Stalin made it clear to his nation that he knew there was a conspiracy and the conspirers must be eliminated but there was still scepticism among Russians about the truth of Stalin's statement. Other people though look upon Stalin as a creator, a genius, who masterminded the return of Russia into the world's powers and gave birth to many great ideas such as industrialisation, the agricultural revolution and all in the space of 30 years. Such ideas about a great Russia would have been laughed at in the November of 1917, even after the revolution, but Stalin knew that he had to reach power and knew he would create a world power out of Russia again. ...read more.


Many former farmers would have been without work if it weren't for the second part of Stalin's plans, an Industrial Revolution. Stalin's 5-year plans were seen as the way for Russia to become an industrial power. Only a strong economy would be able to compete with the capitalist powers and Stalin was adamant that Communism would prevail and succeed. Stalin's idea was to carry over a large mass of peasants from the agricultural revolution and turn them into an industrial workforce. Coupled with great machines and factories Stalin felt that money and jobs would encourage peasants to be a part of the great industrial revolution that was greatly overdue in Russia. If other countries would look at Russia and wish to emulate them then Stalin would have succeeded. Stalin believed that a planned economy was the way to develop industry and it would be the State who decided what was made, how much would be made and issues about prices and wages. Many advances were made by Russia including an amazing new dam and an underground rail network. The Russian people saw these great works and this brought about great enthusiasm from the Russian people who now more than ever wanted to contribute to the Russian Dream. ...read more.


Any form of art that defied the conventions defined by Stalin fell under the category of 'bourgeois' art and the artists would be often arrested. Under such an environment without freedom of ideas it is exceedingly clear that the leader has total control. This was called the Cult of Stalin, Stalin dictator of Russia. So in my opinion was Stalin a disaster for Russia?... well firstly lets look at the meaning of disaster for it is a strong word. "A sudden great misfortune, great failure". Was Stalin a sudden great misfortune, not really. At first many people took him to heart and saw him as the right person to take the reigns off of the late Lenin and carry on with the one aim or rebuilding Russia. There was no misfortune about it and although many died it is without doubt that Russia profited from Stalin, he was not a failure. When he came to power Russia relied on simple farmers who still couldn't produce enough food to feed their own nation. Thanks to Stalin Russia was by the 1940's a strong industrial power with a workforce and many great creations to show for it. Stalin can be called many things but in my opinion, not a disaster. ...read more.

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