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Was There Really A Revolution?

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Was There Really A Revolution? The revolution that happened in Germany 1918-1919 was not a revolution it was not like the French or Russian Revolution. By calling it the German Revolution they mean things changed in Germany on a dramatic scale but not enough to live up to the true meaning of revolution. There are many reasons people call the events of 1918 - 1919 a revolution these include events that happened recently after the war. One of the conditions for peace was that the Kaiser would have to abdicate as he was blamed for the war. After his forced abdication a change in governments was made and a change in governments is all part in part of a revolution. ...read more.


However there are many reasons for thinking the events of 1918 was not a revolution these reasons consist of the fact that the social democrats tried there hardest to stop parties that wanted a real revolution to happen in Germany they implied freicorps to keep control of the protests from extreme left-wing revolutionaries. The social democrats did not want a communist style revolution they still wanted the support of Germanys rich elite that had been a key factor to Germanys success previous to the war. Many historians there for disagree about whether the events of 1918 should be titled revolution. The view of the historian Immanuel Geiss who wrote, "According to many textbooks a revolution is said to have taken place in Germany in November 1918. ...read more.


I agree with the writer of the above source. Germany had been through rough times during November 1918, Mutinies and Protests were just two of the things that had kicked up dust. The social democrats were to afraid to change things they were afraid that if they did they would of lost the support of the industrialists and the landowners which had made Germany so powerful previous to the war. For a revolution to take place a complete change in society and government had to of taken place only one of those had happened. Society was till the same for the majority if not all people. Conditions were still the same and no improvements had been made. Germany had not been revolutionized with the social democrats in charge things continued to run the same. ...read more.

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