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What are the Aims and methods of the 'War on terror'?

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What are the Aims and Methods of the 'War on Terror'? The 'War on Terror' is a world wide contribution of governments of the United States and its allies (UK and NATO) to eliminate international terrorist groups. It's primarily targets are Islamic groups, including the 9/11 bombers Al Qaeda. To ensure 'rogue nations' no longer harbour and support terrorist activity, they will be dealt with 'necessary and appropriate force'. After the 9/11 attacks many aims were put forward in response to the 'War on Terror', however not all of these were in response to 9/11, some were about the 'War on Terror' overhaul. ...read more.


To achieve this plan, intelligence and the military is used to destroy the hierarchy, and destroy Al Qaeda as well as detaining both terrorists and suspected terrorists in Guantanamo Bay (Cuba). US, UK and all countries not harbouring terrorists strengthened home security. This was not a direct response to 9/11. One Method used to accomplish this aim includes the pass of the USA patriot Act 2001, which states 'the purpose of the USA Patriot Act is to deter and punish terrorist acts in the United States and around the world'. ...read more.


Nevertheless the methods that are being used to achieve the elimination of terrorism are a combination of the methods previously stated. This aim uses both intelligence and military force although there is a bigger emphasis on the military. In conclusion, the aims and methods of the 'War on Terror' are a combination of responses to the 2001 9/11 attack and 2007 foiled attack, as well as the 'War on Terror' overhaul. The main aim is too eliminate terrorist altogether, which would mean accomplishing the previous 4 aims. By Lucy Plant ...read more.

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