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What happened to the Romanov Family

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What Happened to the Romanov Family? A) Sources A and B are both similar and give similar accounts of the story, however does this mean that they are both reliable? Source A tells the accounts of Judge Sergeyev who would be biased as he was a supporter of the provisional government and appointed by them too. At first it seems pretty reliable and trustworthy as Sergeyev apparently had all the evidence in the Romanov case and therefore if he had that sort of information you would expect him to know the truth about the happenings. He believes that not all the people were shot in the house but that the Tsar, the family doctor, two servants and a maid were shot in the house not the others. However, a month after this report had leaked were Sergeyev claims that not all of the Romanov family were killed there, Sergeyev was sacked. This leads to a lot of speculation as to why he was sacked. It could have been that he was sacked as his report wasn't bad enough against the Bolsheviks and he stated that not everyone was killed there which decreases the extent of the damage the Bolsheviks had supposed to have done. ...read more.


Therefore that account isn't totally reliable. There are many facts that conflict both sources reliability such as Judge Sergeyev having a strong influence on both sources. Also the fact that Sergeyev got sacked a month after the report was issued combined with the fact that in Source C his successor Sokolov's account is far more gruesome and biased towards the provisional government shows that maybe Sergeyev got sacked for telling the truth and that makes his source more reliable however, Sokolov learned from his mistake and made sure his report was as bad as possible and shows how horrendous and evil the Reds were. Overall, both sources had agreed on a number of things like the number of people killed and their identities and the gruesomeness of the deaths. However, when cross referenced with other sources like Source C it shows that Source B is slightly under speculation whereas Source A could be the truth and in fact very reliable. B) The accounts in Source A and B have many differences and similarities with Source C. ...read more.


Sources A and B are much less gruesome in how the Royal family were killed whereas Source C goes over the top with the detail and gore just to show how awful the Bolsheviks were. Source C also says that Sergeyev had no doubt that the entire Romanov family were killed in the Ipatiev house however, in Source A Sergeyev apparently believed that only some members of the Romanov family were killed in that house and therefore that is false. Overall, it is obvious that Source C greatly differs from Source A and B as there are many things that are strongly conflicted in the sources whereas the things they agree on are limited and not that important. Source C shows that the murders were horrendous and it was carnage but there's nothing to support that in the other Sources. Source C also claims the bodies were dumped of but Source B says the family were seen alive elsewhere. All these things linked in prove that the extent of disagreement is great and Source A & B compared with Source C are very different and disagree. ?? ?? ?? ?? Saif Najeeb ...read more.

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