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What were the motives of the terrorist who carried out the 9/11 attacks on the USA?

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What were the motives of the terrorist who carried out the 9/11 attacks on the USA? The 9/11 attacks were carried out on September 11th 2001, America's stock exchange centre, the Pentagon and Pennsylvania were all targeted within in the same day. The attacks were executed and organised by an Islamic extremist terrorist group called Al Qaeda; lead by Husaam Bin Ladin. The two towers of the American stock exchange centre (nicknamed twin towers) were the first target; the north tower was crashed into at 8:45am and only 18 minutes later a second hijacked plane hit the south tower. Both towers came crashing down leaving hundreds listed as missing, injured and dead. The attacks carried on later when the Pentagon in Washington was crashed into by the third hijacked plane, this lead to the event of the final plane crashing in Pennsylvania. The evidence collected by U.S. ...read more.


America have interfered with the problems by financially supporting Israel, without the financial control Israel would be likely to be loosing the war but in fact are wining it thanks to America. Though America have justified their reasons to get involved which are to have an alley in the Middle East bin Ladin still disagrees. This again gives Al Qaeda another motive to attack America to warn them of supporting Israel which was admitted by Bin Ladin himself in a video made after the attacks. The dispute of Palestine and Israel has also caused a divide of religion between the countries which again show why Al Qaeda would do the 9/11 attacks (as they are an Islamic group). Economic motives also play a part in the motives of the attacks; Bin Ladin being a Saudi was a big supporter of his country until the Saudis chose the Americans over his views. ...read more.


The western life is very different to an Islamic life, so by taking action against America through the 9/11 attack Al Qaeda proved that America still aren't totally in charge and can be harmed. It could be seen as a warning as well; to keep the western way out of Islamic countries. Personally I believe religion is the main motive of the attacks; it ties in with all the motives and the attackers them selves were an Islamic group. The Palestine and Israel dispute was based on religion as was the economic as Bin Ladin didn't want American influence in Saudi Arabia. The political problems were caused by religion as Al Qaeda felt the need to help their people against the Americans and non Islamic communities (Jews).This is shown once again in the social motives as the Al Qaeda believe they are fighting for Islam.. ?? ?? ?? ?? Zanab Raza 10R ...read more.

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