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Which of these two sources is the more reliable as evidence about Prohibition?

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Sean B.C Coursework Question C Which of these two sources is the more reliable as evidence about Prohibition? Source E was written by John D. Rockefeller; he was a wealthy industrialist and believed strongly in Prohibition in the 1920's. Source E gives us some very reliable evidence about Prohibition, it tells us that "drinking has generally increased, many of our best citizens have openly ignored Prohibition" "and crime has increased to a level never seen before". We can also tell that the writer of this letter was for Prohibition, "when prohibition was introduced, I hoped that it would be widely supported by public opinion". The main reason for Rockefeller being supportive of Prohibition was because he was an industrialist; they liked the idea of Prohibition. ...read more.


Source F was written by John F Kramer, he was the Commissioner for Prohibition in 1920 and he enforced Prohibition. Source F talks about how the law of Prohibition will be enforced and what will happen if people do not obey the law. This source was written in 1920, right at the start of Prohibition. As the man saying these things is an officer of the law and his job is to enforce Prohibition then he will obviously say it will work and people should obey it, because if this law did not exist, he would not have a job. There is evidence that Kramer wants to convince people Prohibition will work and that he is trying to show he is a strong leader. ...read more.


I know that John D. Rockefeller had a reason for supporting Prohibition, this being he believed it would help his drunken workers get to their job on time, which meant bigger profits for him. I also know John F. Kramer has a reason for supporting Prohibition, as he is the Commissioner he will support it because it is his job to enforce this law, if there was no Prohibition then he would not have a job. The reason Kramer's evidence is not as reliable as Rockefeller's is because of the time at which he wrote it. He did not know anything about Prohibition, whether it would work or fail, unlike Rockefeller who wrote source E. Rockefeller wrote his letter after Prohibition had ended, so he has more reliable evidence about Prohibition. ...read more.

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