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why did desegregation cause a problem in the usa

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Why did desegregation in schools become a major problem in the USA in the 1950s? Desegregation of schools became a major problem in the USA due to many factors during the 1950s. Desegregation is the racial elimination of segregation. However desegregation was a major problem for America internationally and socially. A lot of people were still bitter about the end of slavery and so racism was a main issue which gradually led to segregation which made it difficult to desegregate. The Ku Klux Klan was a white supremacist group with all the members consisting of WASPs. They terrorised and enforced fear upon African Americans and non-WASPs. They did things like public lynching and hangings to show the people of America that white people are superior. This had a big effect on school desegregation because they made black people scared to send their children to school as they thought they would get hurt. During the events at little rock, Arkansas in 1957, the mob outside the school had members of the KKK and they stopped the 9 children from entering the school by terrorising and threatening them. ...read more.


The schools boards and the schools themselves had a big role in slowing segregation down and causing problems. The southern school board of Atlanta desegregated one grade at a time starting with the 12th grade which meant it would take 12 years for the schools in Atlanta to desegregate. The Atlanta school board also wrote letters to the parents of white pupils warning them about desegregation so that they could make their children change schools. These school boards had caused problems as it meant desegregation took a long time and allowed white parents to keep their children separate. The schools themselves made black children feel unwelcome. For example George Mclaurin was accepted to the University of Oklahoma but the university authorities would not let him integrate with white students by not letting him work in the same room and not eat with white students. This caused problems with school desegregation because black students didn't feel comfortable and they wouldn't want to go to school. ...read more.


White people wanted to show that they are the superior race so they made it very difficult for black people to become equal. However groups like the NAACP helped the African Americans and showed the white citizens that they are not alone and they have support. The long term reason why desegregation was a problem was that after slavery had ended in 1863 the white people carried on with segregation and the children could not go to school as they were slaves so they did not know how to read or write. After many years black people were forced to be untrained and uneducated which they had to accept. There were also many short term reasons why desegregation was a problem and they were things like the little rock crisis, the school boards, the president and governors and the supreme court. All in all the 1950s became a big turning point for African Americans and led to people like Martin Luther King fighting for black peoples rights and changing the face of the USA. BY TALHA RAJA 10S ...read more.

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