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Why did Roosevelt win the 1932 election?

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Why did Roosevelt win the 1932 election? In this essay I am going to explain why Franklin D Roosevelt won the presidential election campaign in 1932. In1928 there was a presidential election. Herbert Hoover was the Republican candidate, he won by a landslide victory and all seemed well. One of his first statements as president was 'we in America are nearer to the final triumph over poverty than ever before. The poor man is vanishing from among us'. However Hoover couldn't have been more wrong because in October 1929 the Wall Street Stock market crashed. The American economy collapsed, and the USA entered a long depression that destroyed much of the prosperity of the 1920's. For sometime in America during the 1920's share prices had been increasing due to the economic boom and they were being sold to many Americans. The boom was based on the increased sale of consumer goods such as cars or electrical appliances. The market for these goods was largely the rich and middle classes. But by 1929 those who could afford the consumer goods had already bought them and they didn't need to buy them again. American industries were starting to produce more goods than they could sell. In the past, American industry would have tried to export its surplus goods, but people in Europe could not afford the American goods either. In the summer of 1929 sales started to slow. ...read more.


Hoover was regarded as a 'do nothing' president he was the president at the beginning of the depression and therefore he was blamed for the major effect it had on the people. Hoover did try to restart the economy in 1930 and 1931 but without much success. In spite of this Hoover and most Republicans where still reluctant to change their basic policies. They believed that the main cause of the depression had been economic problems in Europe, not weakness in America's economy. They said that businesses should be left alone to bring back prosperity and that government help was not needed. They argued that business went in cycles of boom and bust and therefore prosperity would soon return. Even more damaging to Hoover's reputation, was how little he tried to help those who were suffering because of the depression. Hoover believed in something called self-help where Americans looked after themselves and made their own keep. He believed that the social security was not responsibility of the government but local government or charities should provide relief. The republicans were afraid that if the government helped individuals they would become less independent and less willing to work. Hoover appeared to be heartless and indifferent to the suffering American people. And to make matters even worse. In 1932, thousands of servicemen who had thought in the world war marched on Washington asking for their war bonuses to be paid early. ...read more.


The way he dealt with this gave him a really bad image and he lost the support of the soldiers and ex-soldiers. Hoover's government seemed to be doing little to help those suffering; frustration mounted as people's hopes for what Hoover had planned began to fade. Hoovers way of thinking proved very wrong and unpopular, people drew up the conclusion that he didn't care about the people of America. Most people blamed Hoover for the Wall Street Crash and Depression. The Wall Street Crash, without doubt, contributed in destroying the Republican Party's chances of victory. That of course, and Roosevelt's effort. Unlike Roosevelt, Hoover did not have good campaigning skills. These unpopular mistakes that Hoover made badly hurt his election campaign and so people voted for Roosevelt, as he was the best alternative. Roosevelt by contrast was enthusiastic, optimistic and he gave the people confidence. He caught the mood of voters with his New Deal promise and people were prepared to risk the change in style of government-they had nothing to loose. Interfering with economy had never been done before and Roosevelt intended to create jobs by spending more money, whereas Hoover believed in 'Self Help'. The people of America were now given a new hope from Roosevelt. Roosevelt gave the people of America confidence in him and the hope that he could make things better and get them out of the depression. So in November 1932 Roosevelt was elected president. ...read more.

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