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Why did the Germans resent the Treaty of Versailles?

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Why did the Germans resent the Treaty of Versailles? In the following essay, I will look at the terms of the Treaty of Versailles that was signed on June 28th1918, by Count Brockdorff (German Delegate) and why the people of Germany resented the treaty, which was made at the Paris Peace Conference, at the Palace of Versailles. Germany was not invited to the conference because the war was fresh in the minds of the' Big 3'' - Lloyd George (G.B.Involved in war throughout Wilson. - Most Powerful country) and Clemenceau (Most of the war fought in France. He was France P.M.)Britain and the U.S.A. were worried about the consequences of punishing Germany's too harshly. Germany's treatment at Versailles led to the rise of Hitler as Chancellor of Germany in 1933 and the outbreak of W.W.2 because he promised to break the terms of the treaty. ...read more.


Germany believed that it should have been invited to the conference because it agreed to the seizefire Few of Wilson's 14 points, which were in the Treaty of Versailles. Germany was also treated as a defended state. All of this caused Germany to lose its pride. Reparations or War Damages is money that Germany had to pay to the countries that were affected by the war (F.R. G.B. & Belgium) this figure was settled after the Treaty (in 1921) and it was decided that Germany should be forced to pay �6600million - an enormous figure and Germany wasn't consulted. Germany was angry because the money could have been used to rebuild their own country and was instead used to help the countries affected by war rebuild theirs. If the terms of the treaty had not been later changed, Germany would not have finished paying until 1984. ...read more.


Germany lost lots of Territory and Colonies because of the Treaty, and as a result lost money. Germany lost 10 % of its land and 12.5 % of its population. Because of the Treaty, Colonies became Mandates to the UK and France. It also lost 16% of coalfields and half of the Iron and steel industry. Germany considered losing land a humilia6ion after it had worked so hard to build it up. It made them yet poorer. Alsace Lorraine was given back to France, Germany was also split in 2 because of the Polish Corridor, where West Prussia and Upper Silesia had become part of Poland , after been German Territory. Poland was also to become an independent state, which was to be ruled by non Germans. Other , Less Significant territorial changes included Saar (a coalfield) given to France for 15 years and then a vote would take place , Malmedy to Belgium, North Schlesinger to Denmark, Memel to Lithuania and Danzig , German Territory became a Free State along with Lithuania , Latvia , & Estonia. ...read more.

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