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Why Did war break out in 1939

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Why did War break out in 1939? At 11 o'clock on the third of September 1939 there was a famous speech broadcasted by Neville Chamberlain, over the wireless. From the Cabinet Room of 10 Downing Street it was officially declared that England was at war against Germany. This war lasted 6 long and painstaking years and throughout it there were over 50 million civilian and military Allied deaths. This war is mainly thought to have been one person's fault, Adolf Hitler who became leader of the German nation and lead it to war. Still to this day historians discuss whether this was really the case, and in this essay I will talk about the other possible reasons for war to break out between England and Germany in 1939. After five extensive years of slow and tedious fighting between the Allied forces and the Central Powers in World War I, the British and French public felt absolute hatred towards Germany. In the Peace conference in Versailles, the Treaty was finally signed by Emperor Wilhelm 11 on the 28th of June 1919. The Leaders of the three main super powers at the time created this peace settlement that was designed to prevent the return of the German race and ultimately bring an end to the War. ...read more.


The League of Nations was supposed to step in and sort out any problems between two countries and decide who got what. The Dictators of Europe were encouraged by the lack of progression by the League to take action, however they weren't certain. They looked to the Japanese invasion of Manchuria in 1933 and noted the League's failure to prevent Japanese expansion. In 1936 Mussolini ordered Italian troops to invade Abyssinia. The League of Nations took two months to decide upon a response. They came up with The Hoare-Laval Plan, they decided that they would give Italy a small part of Abyssinia and then give Italy a larger part which they had economic rights over. They then gave a strip of land to the Abyssinians called The Corridor for Camels, this was so they had access to the Red Sea. However Britain and France came up with this plan behind the back of the League and then when it was found out by the media the whole plan was abandoned and Mussolini attacked any way. This lack of aggression gave the dictators confidence that they would be able to go on with their aims to gain territory without facing real opposition from France or Britain. ...read more.


In August 1939, the German and Soviet foreign ministers made an agreement that gave half of Poland to each nation, in the event of a war. Confident that Britain and France would not stop Hitler in a war with Poland, Hitler's troops were ordered to invade Poland on the First of September 1939. The British and French declared war on Germany as a result. In conclusion I think that the five reasons for the outbreak of WWII are that the Treaty of Versailles was too harsh, Neville Chamberlin's policy of appeasement, the collapse of the Wall Street stock exchange, The Weakness of the League of Nations and Hitler's expansionist aims going too far. Out of the five I think that Britain and France should not have followed a policy of appeasement even though all the points link together and one mistake lead to another, if Britain and France had attacked Germany whilst the Nazi army was very week and low on resources they would have had stood their ground and not let Hitler break the rules they would have had no problems stopping Hitler. Also after the USSR saw that Britain and France were actually taking action for once they would ally with them and ultimately stop Hitler's armies from causing havoc across Europe. ?? ?? ?? ?? Alex Davies 10ME Monday, 14 September 2009 ...read more.

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