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Why Northern Ireland faces conflict today

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Why Northern Ireland faces conflict today There are many factors that caused Northern Ireland to face conflict today. Hatred between both religions has waged conflict and wars within Ireland for centuries. For centuries there has been conflict in Northern Ireland. The disagreement between Irish Catholics and the Irish Protestants still continues to this day between 1921 and the mid 1960s Catholics in Northern Ireland faced many problems. ...read more.


The South, largely occupied by Irish Catholics, most opposed the idea of dividing Ireland. But in 1921 a group of Sinn Fein, and IRA members signed an treaty with the British, accepting the division of Ireland. This was when what's known as 'Northern Ireland' was created, dominated by Protestants. However, Catholics had wanted a united and Independent Ireland, so resentment grew. ...read more.


This meant that many Catholics were unemployed and could often not afford to feed their families. Many of them relied on the potato but due to the poor land there were given it was very hard for the Catholics to grow enough crops. Catholic children were put in the worst schools, whilst the Protestant children were put in the very best schools. Catholic children were not taught anything about Catholicism, they were only taught about Protestant history. Children grew up believing that Catholics were evil and the Protestant religion was not. ...read more.

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