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Will it the 'War on terror' be a success?

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War on Terror - will the final result be a success? The 'War on Terror' is widely criticised though out the varying nations of the world. Although the 'War on Terror' was supported as first, after America had little success support has faltered. The criticism of some is that America's honour and love for power has taken over the real reasons that America originally stated. This Egyptian newspaper said 'The US thirst for supremacy brought about an awful blend of terrorist actions'. America and the allies were also criticised widely for there methods in the 'War on Terror', when allegations of torture were brought forward. The people of the world knew and thought that this wasn't the right way to get answers from the terrorists - as who knew what they would say when under such extreme conditions. ...read more.


America has also been highly critised for the invasion of both Iraq and Afghanistan. And what America's real deep motives were behind both invasions. Also, what evidence was America going on when invading Iraq? Did they have evidence that Iraq was holding weapons of mass destruction. And if they did - why were none found, The problems faced by the USA and allies during the 'War on Terror included many while they were in Afghanistan and Iraq. For example many people of both countries rebelled against America and the allies in form of suicide bombings - such as the Madrid train bombings. On 12th March 2004. When 'A series of simultaneous bomb explosions tore though four packed Spanish commuter trains' (The Daily Telegraph). Al-qaeda claimed responsibility after they threatened both America and the allies. Another form of rebellion from the countries has been hostage taking. ...read more.


Also Saddam Hussein was removed from power and executed - this man had killed many of his own people and was believed to have weapons of mass destruction. Although the 'War on Terror' is making slow progress, it will be hard to ever completely defeat terrorism as you do not know where the next attack will be. Or who will have planned it, what was there motive and strategy. One of the recent attacks on the UK was helped to take place by a teaching assistant in a school. A failed Glasgow bombers were doctors, working for the NHS. They were respected for there job and position within society. Many people could be planning and we can never know who these people are as they have normal jobs like you and me. Also bombs can be made by using the common day to day household cleaners that you can buy from the local supermarket. Terrorism is all over, and will be difficult to ever totally eliminate. Modern Day Study ...read more.

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