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Buckle Up!

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One of the most widely ignored developments in safety, is also one of the most crucial: The Seatbelt. This contraption is not only a piece of equipment, but a car accidents best remedy. One of which is underrated by more than half of our country's population. There is at least one person fighting to prove the seatbelt as an indispensable device in your car. An individual named Carolyn Hanig. She is a flight nurse, and an emergency health care unit. ...read more.


In states with a secondary seatbelt law, barely 50% of drivers and passengers can care enough to buckle their belts. As the law moves from secondary to standard, seatbelt rates shoot up more than 15%. One case, in Louisiana, the amount of clicks skyrocketed from 50-68%, simply because the state issued the standard belt law. In fact, if every state adopted this regulation, about 1,900 lives would be saved each year. The true victims of an accident aren't the people in the car, for these are the ones at fault. ...read more.


She had always made sure her children and herself were buckled in before driving the car. Every parent should rub into their child's brain the importance of a seatbelt, and never go anywhere sooner than it is strapped on. Changing laws and motivational speeches are all in a days work for Carolyn Hanig. She sees that this seatbelt problem will only get worse until outstanding changes are made. There are factors on the road, such as drunk and aggressive driving, which cannot be controlled by the driver; and by ignoring your seatbelt, a movement simpler than even shutting a door, you just might shut the door to the rest of your life. ...read more.

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