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Citizenship Activity

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GCSE Citizenship Studies 3280 (Short Course) 3280/02: Participating in Society, Internal Assessment Front Sheet Centre Name Centre Number Candidate Name Charlotte Louise Day Candidate Number This form is designed for electronic completion and where necessary boxes will expand as you type. Once fully completed, this form must be printed for submission and both teacher and candidate authentication statements signed by hand. Please ensure that all pages are fastened securely prior to submission. Description of Citizenship Activity Describe how you participated in a school or community based activity. The activity was (please select as appropriate): a. Describe the activity For our coursework, we decided to teach a year 7 group of pupils about crime and safety. We handed out leaflets, created posters, taught a lesson and had more of a fun based activity at the end as it was linked with our topic and made the lesson more enjoyable for the pupils. We thought our topic was suitable as younger children need to understand all the dangers around us and need to know how to keep safe. b. Describe your role My role of the project was to take part in a team and display confidence. Also I created the posters, leaflets and certificates and also the plan and script for the lesson. I contributed as much as I could to the tasks set. My role was mainly to act as the leader. I had to make sure everything was well planned and prepared for the lesson and to make sure that the rest of the group knew what they was doing and how they should do it. Student's declaration: I declare that I have produced the work involved without external assistance apart from any which is acceptable under the scheme of assessment and is recorded. Signature: Date: Teacher's declaration: I declare that the student's activities have been kept under regular supervision and that, to the best of my knowledge, no assistance has been given apart from any which is acceptable under the scheme of assessment and which has been identified and recorded. ...read more.


We all worked as a team to make it our best possible standard. Group activity. October 2008 Analyse what was involved in each activity (the people involved, what you were trying to achieve etc). Describe how the importance and influence of citizenship issues is shown in your activity. Our topic, as said above, was to teach young children about crime. We wanted to explain about the dangers outside of school, how to keep safe and how to call an emergency service. Our first activity was to explain to the children why we were teaching them a lesson. This involved Me, Brad and Danny. We done this so that the children didn't think that we was only there to achieve our GCSE grade. We done it also as we thought interacting with the children may continue into a further career option. Our second activity was to ask the class what they thought crime was. They put their hands up and gave good answers, some along the lines of "Something that a criminal has done, maybe murder". We all thought that for a year 7, lower ability class, they were indeed quite clever pupils. In our third activity, we asked the children to create a mind-map of what they thought crime was. This also involved Me, Brad and Danny and the pupils. The class seemed to enjoy this, they enjoyed using different colours and drawing pictures to go with their answers. I have evidence to show for this as I collected their mind maps. By asking them to create a mind map, I was aiming to acheive the children to interact with everyone, including me and my group and to tell us what they knew. They come out with some very good answers which I did not expect them to know about. We then asked the class to feedback their ideas to us. Which they done very well. We wrote their ideas and opinions onto the board and they had loads of things to tell us. ...read more.


I done most things on my own but its not to say i didn't enjoy it. "Rape" was bought up so we tried to avoid it as much as we could by saying "Well done, and another please" The children must have noticed that we did not put "Rape" up on the board as they put their hands up and asked why it wasn't on the board. Miss Burden answered that for us as we didn't know what to say. I interacted well with the students. My evaluation to this would be that I put in alot of contribution to the tasks that had to be completed, I created a lesson plan for us to work through and scripts so that the group knew what they was saying. I contributed my ideas to Miss. Burden and she helped me to figure out whether I would be able to complete it and how much time it would take me to do it. She also advised that I stayed behind at least once a week after school so that my topic could be fully prepared and ready to be completed. Overall, I think the topic worked well, I achieved the standard that I wanted to and helped part of the community. So I think it was a really good community based topic to choose and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Evaluation of the contribution of others to the activity First of all, I would like to say that I planned everything. Which I mostly did, But the rest of the group did participate to. The other members of my group didn't do as much as I would have liked them to and I was left to complete most set tasks by myself. They did however, work well with everyone on the day and we worked as a team. They read from their scripts and whilst the class were working, they went around and made sure that they were ok and could undrestand what they had to do. They, also, interacted well with the students. ?? ?? ?? ?? Summer 2006 Examination Series Onwards 1 ...read more.

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