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Law : Juries & Judges

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Law Coursework Jury Trial within the English Legal System. The Jury system throughout England is one, which manages to give the public the chance to play a vital part in the legal system. This gives you the chance to see what is going on throughout the law and informs you what happens in court. You, as a juror will usually be involved in the more serious criminal cases such as burgluary, theft and drug offences. It would be less likely that you would be sitting in a case about murder or rape. The trial which you would attend would be seen in the Crown Court. However, sometimes a juror would be needed in a civil case, which would be heard at either the High Court or County Court. Although a jury would be less likely to be in a civil case than a criminal case. The usual amount of people on a dury is 12, usually there will be a cross-section of the society in order to get a fair and unbiased trial. Your aim as a jury would be to consider the evidence and then reach a verdict of 'guilty' or 'not guilty.' In order to be able to become a juror you have to have some certain qualities, such as: * Between 18 and 70 years of age. * On the electoral register to vote. * Lived in the UK, Channel Islands or Isle of Man for at least 5 years since the age of 13. ...read more.


He/She even may give a brief overview of the law involved. The 12 of you then proceed to the jury room, where you discuss your verdict. The usher escorts you to the jury room, where by considering all the evidence you reach a verdict. You then would have been given an indictment, which is a list of offences the defendant is charged with. After the verdict has been reached you would then be asked, if you are the foremen, the verdict by the clerk. Once you have given your decision your work would have been completed. If you found the defendant guilty the judge may have sentence him/her then or could have asked for pre-sentencing reports to be written the probation service. The defendant would then attend court at a later date. Once this is completed you would then be escorted once again by the usher to the Jury Assemble Area. You also would be expected to report back to the court officials after a trial, as you could be part of another jury within your two-week service. Now I have mentioned the way in which the jury service operates, do you think it works? How efficient is the service? Does it really help the community? Is it just too inconvenient? Well, this is the next part of my coursework. I will explain the advantages, but as you know, with many advantages comes many disadvantages, however I will also express my opinions and some other people opinions towards this system. ...read more.


Whilst this cuts down the public involvement is also cuts down on costs, although most of the disadvantages I have mentioned about a jury would still apply. So, what is your method? I believe that by deciding upon a method which contains a judge to look over the case would be an efficient way of operating, whilst having a jury to make up their mind as this would ensure the idea of unbiased views. I suggest that the idea of the courts explaining the case in more detail would be more beneficial than rushing through the case. Although it may mean you only get to sit on one case during your two weeks of jury service, I believe it will make the idea of justice work more efficiently. So, to conclude I believe that although sometimes a jury may work efficiently it is not always approached in the best way. As we are all aware our society today is not perfect and neither are we. Law is a fascinating subject that compels the best of minds. The human makeup is never going to be perfect but we have to deal with what we have been given. Personally I believe the system is working, although if something does happen there are alternative methods. Just as we are changing I think that the law needs to evolve and change with us, just as for example, the death penalty became abolished. Who knows what the future may bring for law? But, one thing for sure is that with out it today's society would not be a civilized one, but an outrage beyond belief. ...read more.

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