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Lawyers are extremely important people that represent people and give them legal advice in court. Without these people, it would be extremely hard to have a well organized law system

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Lawers Lawyers are extremely important people that represent people and give them legal advice in court. Without these people, it would be extremely hard to have a well organized law system. Being a lawyer offers many opportunities for interested people based on education, training, and job requirements; however there are also disadvantages that come with this career. The practice of lawyers started thousands of years ago with a man named Hammaredes. He established the earliest code of laws in about 1800 BC. These laws were called the Code of Hammurabes and was a successful system to govern the people of the Summerian empire. There were lawyer type figures that represented people in these times. Another set of laws from the ancient times is the law of Moses, or better known as the Ten Commandments. Christians still use these set of laws in everyday life. People in ancient times used people to represent themselves very similarly to lawyers today. ...read more.


Getting an internship at a law firm while still in high school or when graduated would be very helpful because it will show you hands on what the job is about. After high school, the minimum requirements for becoming a lawyer are a 4-year college degree, 3 years of law school and passing the a written bar examination. To get into law school you will also have to take the LSAT (law school admission test). These requirements can vary though, each state has their own laws. Federal courts and agencies have their own requirements. The competition is very fierce to get into law schools. To become a successful lawyer, there are many skills one must have. Being a good leader and speaker are two of the most important skills a person should have. Another important thing is to score high on the LSAT (law school admission test) and on the bar examination to stand out. Once in a law firm or other company, climb the career ladder to get better and bigger cases. ...read more.


Lawyers offer many great opportunities for people but they also have their advantages and disadvantages. I think that this is a good career for me because I am a good debater, leader, speaker, and I am very confident in myself. I also want to become a good lawyer so that I can be respected. I also think that it is the right career for me because I like a variation of jobs and being a lawyer you do lots of everything. The salary will start out low but as I move up the ladder it will increase and that is what I am looking for. Some disadvantages of being a lawyer is that it is a very competitive job and also requires long hours sometimes. As you reach the higher levels, it gets extremely competitive. I learned a lot about myself during the research process. I had an idea of wanting to become a lawyer but now I more convinced in that I want to become one. As I gathered information about the career, I realized that the job was perfect for me. Juan Ortiz English II Juan Ortiz English II ...read more.

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