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Now he was sitting in the court. Only waiting for his sentence. Would he be sentenced to death or would he be in jail for life.

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Mr. M. Urderer He just sat there. He looked so cold and it seemed he hadn't moved a muscle in all of his body in all the time he had been in the court. Only when he was asked some questions he moved but still it seemed like he didn't care at all. And how could he? The way he killed those two little girls was disgusting. He declared himself guilty and there was no doubt that it was a premeditated murder. He even said so himself. He had been following them for some days and finally surprised them at their house when they were home alone and with nobody to help them. Their parents found them bloody and dead in their beds. ...read more.


Some, like me, were advocates of the death penalty while others were abolitionists. We all agreed that he was guilty but after a vote we decided he should go to jail for life. Back in the court the judge was declaring our decision. The killer didn't appeal. He knew he was lucky. Some years after I turned my TV on. Another horrible killing had been made. Ben Johnson had been found in his bed. Shot in his head three times. At first I just switched channel but then I started wondering. I knew that name. That was one of the members of the jury in that case about a man who had killed two little girls. ...read more.


M. Urderer and I just want to say that I agree in your and the jury�s decision to not give him the death sentence. You can say that he killed two other persons and therefore should be giving the same treatment but those that make us any better than him and should we really be playing god and let someone decide whether M. Urderer should have the right to live or die. I say no. Though, I still think it is ridiculous when I hear in the news that here in Denmark a drug dealer has been put in jail for 14 years while two brothers who killed a person only got 12 and 14 years in prison. That is not even close to justice in my opinion. ?? ?? ?? ?? English Dronninglund Gymnasium Thomas Fuglsang 1 20-11-2007 2e ...read more.

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