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The Crucible

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English Coursework: The Crucible Dear John, Before you discard this letter in disgust, hear what I have to say. It may benefit you, and all those near you greatly. You have but one week to make up your mind about this matter and tell court that you did indeed sign in Lucifer's book. To spend your last days in a cell would not befit a man of your standing among the community. Help them see that the court is not here to harm them, but here to help them. ...read more.


I have discovered that my real sympathies lie with the accused and not with the accusers. Even tonight I have heard rumour that Abigail has decided to run away, showing only that she fear the judgement of the town. Only you, in your wisdom and with your unclouded judgement saw that sometimes even the best courts could be wrong. To mix religion and law has brought great grief upon this village, and only you can turn it around by staying alive and showing people that the whole trial is a joke dictated by a few girls and a silly sport that grew out of hand. ...read more.


Truth is the only way to heaven as is written in many a holy scripture. By repenting for something you did not do will be counteracted by saving others from the same fate. The sins that you may have committed will be forgotten by virtue of your truthfulness. So please, when you speak to Danforth again, think of others including your wife and children, needless to say the village, and I daresay the whole of the business will come to an end. Whether you ponder over my words, or contemplate your death. You will always be right in the eyes of our Lord and I. I wish you Godspeed my friend, Hale ...read more.

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