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The relationship between morality and law

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Law and Morality: Laws: The body of rules which are recognized as binding among people of a community or state so they will be imposed upon them and enforced on them by appropriate sanctions are known as LAWS. Morals: Morals are beliefs and values which are shared by a society or a section of a society. These tell those who share them what is right or wrong. Problems in identifying the moral values of a society: * Some people sometimes regard things as morally right or wrong which at another time or in another place are thought to be matters of taste or indeed to be matters of no importance at all example drinking. ...read more.


The relationship between morality and law: * The existence of some "unfair" laws proves that morality and law are not identical and do not coincide. * The existence of laws that serve to defend the basic values such as laws against murder, rape, defamation of character, fraud, bribery etc. proves that the two can work together. * Laws govern conduct at least partly through the fear of punishment. Morality, when it is internalized or become habit like governs conduct without compulsion. Virtuous person does the appropriate thing because it is a noble thing to do. ...read more.


He had survived for three years in a persistent vegetative state. He continued to breath normally but was kept alive only by being fed through tubes. He had no chance of recovery. His doctors with the support of his family sought a declaration from the court to make it lawful for them to discontinue treatment so that he could die peacefully. It was held that the treatment could be withdrawn in such circumstances because the best interests of the patient and not involve him being kept alive at all costs in this case, feeding him won't cure him and therefore was not in his best interests. It was lawfully for his doctors to stop feeding him artificially. ...read more.

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