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The UK Court System

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The UK Court System The role and functions of each court within the UK system European Court of Justice The European Court of Justice is situated in Luxembourg and within the community it is their Supreme Court. The court consists of 15 judges from different member states; each of these judges will be included in this court for six years. This court guarantees that the treaties are interpreted and applied correctly by other EU institutions and by the member states. House of Lords The House of Lords is the upper house or the secondary house of the Parliament in the UK and can be found in the Palace of Westminster. The Crown, The House of Commons and The House of Lords together complete the Parliament. The House of Lords consists of 731 seats and is currently outnumbering. The Lords have the power to reject any bill that may be passed through the House of Commons. ...read more.


The High Court represents England and Wales. This court deals with the most high priority cases, it also has a supervisory jurisdiction over all the minor courts and tribunals. Appeals in the High Court in civil matters lie in the Court of Appeal and then go to the House of Lords. Queens Bench Division The Queen's Bench Division Court is the most important Divisional Court and has special supervisory powers which are used to check whether public authorities, ministers, inferior courts, such as County courts and Magistrates Courts and tribunals are exceeding their powers. Crown Court The Crown Court hears all indictable criminal cases as well as those triable either way that are sent for trial at the Crown Court by the Magistrates. The total number of case tried at the Crown Court each is year is approximately 80,000. The court sits in around 90 towns and cities throughout England and Wales and has three different types of judges dealing with the cases which are High court judges, Circuit judges and part-time judges called Recorders. ...read more.


European Union The European Union it made up of different countries called 'member states' there are 27 different independent sovereign countries. Within the EU there are 3 major institutions which are - * The European Parliament, which represents the EU's citizens and is directly elected by them. * The Council of the European Union, which represents the individual member states. * The European Commission, which seeks to uphold and interests of the Union as a whole. Role of Law Making within the European Union Decision making at the European Union (EU) involves European institution, in particular the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union. The European Commission is the one that proposes new legislation, but it is the Council and Parliament that pass the laws. All of the rule and procedures for the EU making decisions is laid down in the treaties. The three main procedures are 'consultation' 'assent' and 'co-decision'. ?? ?? ?? ?? Module One - Assignment One - Task two Katherine Pettett Centre No. 27218 ...read more.

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