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Why did Wolsey acquire and develop Hampton Court in 1514?

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Hampton Court Katie Povey 11CC Why did Wolsey acquire and develop Hampton Court in 1514? The first buildings at Hampton Court belonged to the Knights Hospitallers of St John of Jerusalem, a religious order founded in the early 12th century to protect the Holy Land from the Turks. The Knights acquired the manor of Hampton in 1236 and used the site as a grange - a centre for their agricultural estates, where produce was stored and accounts kept. Excavations and early documents suggest that the Knights had a great barn or hall and a stone camera (room) which they used as an estate office. There was probably very little, if any, residential accommodation. For many years Hampton Court has long been a favoured place. A manor has existed on the site since the time of the Saxons. When the Domesday Book was written, its value was set at the sum of �39, at the time making it expensive. The founding father of this great manor Hampton Court Palace was Cardinal Wolsey. It was he who expanded the manor house into something much more splendid. Thomas Wolsey, born in Ipswich in 1900, was the son of a grazier and innkeeper. Wolsey was educated at Magdalen College on Oxford, and after becoming a priest he was appointed chaplain to Henry V111. ...read more.


It was near enough to London, but unlike London. Wolsey escaped the London smog and chills that he had previously Encountered with when he had lived in his London palace Called York palace. Wolsey had suffered from dropsy and Colic whilst living in London, therefore Hampton Court Provided Wolsey with good health. The Area of Hampton Court was a very pleasant place to live, and had the country fresh air. Another reason linked to this was that Hampton Court was near the Thames, and was free from damp. Hampton Court Palace lies on flat land, which meant Wolsey had good land to build his remarkable Palace on. Wolsey also said that he chose Hampton Court as the site for his new Palace because of the nearby springs of sweet water at coombe, and he preferred them to the polluted water of the Thames and had them tapped. Wolsey acquired Hampton Court on June 24th 1514. Wolsey took out a lease on the manor of Hampton Court, and paid �50 a year, which was quite expensive at the time. Although Wolsey took up residence at Hampton Court for his health, there were other reasons too. We know that Wolsey liked to show off his power, and did this by living at Hampton Court, and decorating it beautifully and having many important people to visit. ...read more.


He used the excuse that it would make Henry look good when spending great deals of money on Hampton Court. Source 16 explains that any foreigner would have no choice but to be impressed at the magnificent house and five banquets, and that this must be the works of nothing but a 'very powerful and confident King.' He wanted to show all foreigners how great the King was. The rhyme in Source 19 states that Hampton Court was better than Kings was. 'The King's Court should have the excellence, but Hampton court hath the pre-eminence.' Hampton Court was by far the most supreme and the best. Wolsey lost favour with Henry V111 because I feel Henry was becoming increasingly jealous Of Wolsey's power, and didn't want him as King to be out shined by someone else. When Wolsey failed to get a divorce for Henry, this was the perfect excuse to dispose of Wolsey and he did so, acquiring Hampton Court. I have come to the conclusion that Wolsey chose to acquire and develop Hampton Court because of his power hungry nature. Wolsey had already risen to the top of his profession yet he still longed for more recognition. Wolsey could never give up the fight for more power. It was simply his character; he got power-crazed not big headed. ...read more.

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