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Analyse the 3 examples of media provided: A day in the life of, how a mad war killed two star crossed lovers [Both Written Text] and the first part of the 1997 feature film Welcome to Sarajevo.

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Media Coursework Luke Martin Analyse the 3 Examples of Media Provided: A Day in The Life of, How a Mad War Killed Two Star Crossed Lovers [Both Written Text] And the First Part of the 1997 Feature Film Welcome to Sarajevo. [Moving Image] For this piece of media coursework we have been asked to look at the techniques used in all 3 pieces of media to convey the situation in Sarajevo, and which we find most persuasive in terms of layout, format, emotive language and also persuasive language. The article is headed in large font with the words 'How a mad war killed two star-crossed lovers' This is an extract from one of shakespears most famous plays, Romeo and Juliet. To someone who has read the play it would appear apparent that the article is similar to the play. Even to someone who hasn't read the play the title makes it obvious what the article is about. The title is both serious and it shocks meaning that the title suggests the article is both serious and people will want to read things that astonish them. In this article there are no subheading and the only way in which the this article is divided is by two illustrations, one large one that is of the Bosko and Admira (the two people that the article is about) on the floor of an open plain after they have been shot down my armed feuding soldiers. ...read more.


The title is serious and is very specific and to the point. There are no subheadings to help the reader find their way around and the text is just one large block. There is a large picture of Zlata Filipovic (the girl that the article is about) at the top of the page. This is large in order for the reader once again to see who or what they are actually reading about, and this helps the reader to imagine that. The picture has been placed next to the inverted comma with the title in, to give the ides that the article is going to be about a life in the day of Zlata Filipovic, who is in the picture. Underneath the picture is a rather large caption; this is links the picture to the article. It tells you about Zlata Filipovic, where she lives and a little bit about the way in which she lives, i.e. they have no electricity and the place in which she lives is constantly under sniper fire. The final thing in the caption is where it tells the reader that she has been keeping a diary for two years, and that it has been published, making her now known as the Anne Frank of Sarajevo. The layout of the article is a little too compact and it has a little too much script; much like a newspaper. As mentioned before, there is a large picture at the head of the page and also in two corners of the page there are two inverted columns in which script is written. ...read more.


It shows homeless, starving families and desolate streets. This will have more generalized interest, as a moving image will always attract more people than a two page news report. There is an American reporter, he doesn't really care about the conflict, murder and death, he just wants the credit for a good story. 'Back home nobody has heard of Sarajevo but they have heard of me' They tell the report like he is being brave, dodging bullets when all he wants is fame and popularity. That is extremely shameful, as also there is supposed to be very little food or technology available and their are three reporters sitting around a table, drinking wine and using there laptops and mobile phones. Multiple shots of suffering and torment are used to catch the eye of the audience. The moving image, just shows how shallow Americans are. After assessing each piece of media, from many aspects and views; I can conclude that from my opinion, the 1994 moving image 'Welcome to Sarajevo' is the most effective, as it is basically the least boring of the three pieces. It as the most effective as it not only involves war but it has real life sinareos. Although it does include war, there is less of a mention about it compared to the other two pieces of media. Another reason the moving image is more effective is more people are going to want to watch a film, rather than a boring, plain and bland newspaper article. This is greatly due to the fact that we are greatly becoming and already are, a very tele-visual generation. ...read more.

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