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BBC One, 6 O'clock News - review

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BBC One, 6 O'clock News The BBC is a public broadcasting service, which has always been thought of as displaying and promoting views of the entire nation to the public, of which should always conform to the objectives of the institution (mainly educational). The news therefore is seen as a programme that informs and educates the public on current affairs, nationally and globally without introducing any bias or portraying anything in an unfair light. This is so that the audience can be active on how they feel about the situations of everyday life without being influenced by media institutions (e.g. advertising). The whole principle of the news is to provide its viewers with an impartial programme about the latest goings on. The BBC news represents the views and feelings of the British Broadcasting Institution who produce the show, as well as the thoughts of the reporters, newsreaders, production team and specifically those in higher positions such as the directors and chairman. ...read more.


The coverage of this story went on for approximately 15 minutes, which is a third of the whole news programme's time slot. This is because the election is a huge event of which the outcome will affect the whole World, so the BBC obviously felt its audience would be extremely interested in the outcome and would want the latest news about the current political situation. The report shows images and videos of various campaigns as well as many different facts and figures including the predicted voting patterns. The BBC use a wide variety of different shots, angles and techniques to produce a top quality report that is easy to watch and can be related to, interpreted and understood by the vast audience, who of course will be of different ages, sex and vary in intellect. An example of this is a wide shot video of the candidate George Bush followed by a mid shot of him talking to the camera. ...read more.


There is also a translucent backdrop showing a number of computers expressing the fact that the BBC are always researching and providing up to the minute news 24/7. The Newsreaders use a very precise delivery of speech, which is slow and serious so that the whole audience can understand. The pauses allow the audience to reflect and remember what has just been said and the variety of tone and speed will portray the type of story that is being reported, e.g. a negative sad story about the death of the Blackwatch soldiers in Iraq will be spoken slowly and in a solemn tone with quite a few pauses which is seen as a mark of respect and great sorrow. At some points they may appear sympathetic and use very emotive language depending on the context of the report. Overall the BBC news is largely controlled by the public service guidelines so that it provides a respected, educated account of the Worlds current affairs to the British audience. Rob Green ...read more.

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