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Belfast Zoo.

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English Task 1 Belfast Zoo Schools are encouraged to make full use of their visit by contacting the zoo's education officer who will arrange both guided tours and education packs. I find this leaflet attractive to look at for a number of reasons. At first glance it is well designed; an A4 sheet of paper folded to produce separate 'pages' with each giving concise information about the zoo. The colours used are earthy, natural tones, which suggest to the reader jungle habitats and natural settings - a suggestion enhanced by the front page photograph of a majestic tiger. ...read more.


The front of this leaflet would seem to imply that it is aimed at the tourist. The word welcome is printed in four languages, with a personalized 'Irish' welcome at the bottom, but as you open it up, it soon becomes apparent that Belfast Zoo has something for everyone. The advertisers have made clever use of text; bold headlines grab your attention, while personalized wording tries, and succeeds in making you want to experience all that the zoo has to offer. The writer realizing that readers have a short attention span, and don't want to wonder through long paragraphs gathering information, has used casually laid photographs to interrupt his text, breaking it down into easily and enjoyably read, snippets of information. ...read more.


You can 'watch in amazement the monkeys, romping and racing in their very own island' - as they would in the wild - or you could 'Encounter the world's largest creatures'...... 'in spacious surroundings'..... 'Especially designed, large heated dwellings.' Other areas are 'state of the art' and 'award winning,' with the implied space to 'rest, hunt and play.' There is also the opportunity to play your part in the zoo, by adopting an animal - and who wouldn't want to adopt on of the adorable baby animals shown. Is this a coincidence? I think not. The pace and tome of this leaflet is fast, fun, immediate and highly personal, leading you around the main attractions of the zoo, whetting your appetite to experience it fully. Jacqueline Ewing ...read more.

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