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Brassed Off Critical Analysis

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Brassed Off Critical Analysis We studied a 5 minute exert from the film Brassed off. Within this there were many media techniques. And in such a short exert there was a lot. The main characters are Phil and his wife Sandra. The scene starts with Phil, a miner, being a clown at a childs party. He is not very good and we can tell that it is not his main job and he is doing it for the money. We then go to Sandra who cannot afford a few items at the local shop and the cashier tells her to pay her back next year. When giving her the receipt she hides a five pound note in it and passes it on. With the money Phil earnt he went and bought a trombone. When he returns home he sees his family fighting to keep the balifs off their property. He confronts them and they tell him he needs to pay his debt or they seize his property. He then tells them to wait until the 21st when he will take the redundancy money the mine will give him. The bailiffs are leaving and Phil tells them that if he touches his kids again he will kill them, the bailiff punches Phil and then leaves. ...read more.


about this so to make him feel even worse he calls him "co-co the Scab" which is the nickname given to the people that took the money. He could have said something such as "so your taking the money" but its there nature to be nasty and to twist the knife. So instead he says this informally which is more realistic and you can see that it gets to Phil. The bailiff realizes that it is his only option and so takes advantage of the situation. I looked at the camera angles used and picked up on some key bits. They are important as they can also represent inner feelings and emotions, as I saw when Sandra was given the money in the receipt there was a close up on both hands exchanging the money. We only see the hands not the faces and cannot see any expressions. But the way they hold hands and give each other a comforting squeeze it is more descriptive than a face could be. When the Bailiff is walking away Phil turns him around and we are side on to both of them and he is having to look up at him. This makes Phil look small and insignificant, no match for the bailiff. ...read more.


We saw people walking down the street, we heard the trombone but couldn't see the source, then the camera panned around and it showed Phil trying to entertain passers by. There is some pace editing when the lady gives Sandra the money between there faces. Then when she puts the money into her hand there is a pause. This shows this is a significant moment when she has put her job on the line to help a friend. There is also a long pause on Sandra's face just after this. This has been done so you can see the gratitude on her face and see what this �5 means to her. In this short exert I picked up many media techniques that were used. After watching this film and studying it I have seen the following that I will try to integrate into my own film. I thought that the pivot points that were used were very effective and now reflecting on this I can remember these in other films and programs that I have watched and in all of these they worked really well. They are quite successful because they follow the chain of thought threw e.g. money to money. I would also try to use some powerful dialogue that really means something and adds to the film that I am trying to produce. If the dialogue is powerful and meaningful it will make the film much more interesting. ...read more.

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