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Compare The Representation Of Teenagers In The Opening Credits And Publicity Material/DVD Covers For Dawson's Creek And Skins

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Compare The Representation Of Teenagers In The Opening Credits And Publicity Material/DVD Covers For Dawson's Creek And Skins Dawson's Creek, an American teen drama first broadcast on January 20th 1998 on the Warner Brothers network. In March that year it was broadcast internationally and on Channel 4 in the UK however soon after this it moved to FIVE, possibly because it did not fit in with Channel 4's values. Dawson's Creek appealed to its target audience of teenagers by using several conventions of teen dramas such as storylines involving complicated relationships, storylines involving schools/colleges and also using easily identifiable character types so that teenagers could relate to the characters and situations shown on the programme. Broadcasting the show at 5pm also helped it reach its target audience due to lack of appropriate shows for teenagers at that time. Skins, a British teen drama, was first broadcast almost a decade after Dawson's Creek in 2007 on E4, a channel aimed predominantly aimed at teenagers as well as being a subsidiary channel of the Channel 4 Television Corporation, the same corporation that stopped broadcasting Dawson's Creek. ...read more.


faces, conservative clothing and body positions as well as the typical college background on the DVD cover and both the college setting and the inner city office buildings that represent corporate America and 9-5 traditional jobs in the opening titles. The characters from Skins are represented as being modern, independent, promiscuous and more like adults. They are represented like this through the editing and music of the title sequence, the fast pace of the music and changes between shots as well as the complex graphics and the frames all suggest the use of modern technology and a modern lifestyle for the characters of the show. Promiscuity of the characters is suggested by the positioning of the all the characters on the bed on the DVD cover as well as some of the characters kissing on both it and in the opening sequence this impression is furthered by the fact some of the characters are kissing more than one person. The narrative of Dawson's Creek is suggested through the mise-en-scene of the DVD cover. ...read more.


The opening sequence of Skins also provides more detail about the characters and narratives albeit different to Dawson's Creek. The variety of long, medium and short shots combined with computer graphics, jagged frames, colour inversion and shots of high rise towers give the impression of inner city, fast paced, urban jungle living which is less than perfect with more action and drama and a less than perfect, sometimes shocking ending. Teenagers are represented differently in both Skins and Dawson's Creek because each of the programs had a different generation of target audience to entertain so the social issues and issues affecting teenagers over the ten year period would have changed so the content and representations shown in the programs would have changed to reflect the change in those issues and to keep the new target audience entertained. There is also more pressure on Skins to remain cutting edge because it is not only competing for viewers with shows broadcast at the same time, but with any program or film broadcast on a wider range of channels thanks to Sky+ and online on demand services as well as other internet TV and radio Stations. ...read more.

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