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Compare two articles from two different type of papers, a tabloid and a broadsheet

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Media Assignment Mass media are methods of communicating to a vast amount of people around the world. Mass Media means things such as Television, Radio, Newspapers, Internet, Magazines etc; they are a means of communication to people. The mass media have a few main functions, which include informing, educating and entertaining you. In this assignment I am going to compare two articles from two different type of papers, a tabloid and a broadsheet. I am going to us 'The Sun' as my tabloid and 'The Guardian' as my broadsheet. A tabloid newspaper is a newspaper that is relatively small in size compared to a broadsheet, and it tends to have shorter stories and more photographs than a broadsheet. It usually contains little politics and other serious global issues however it contains more showbiz and sport than a broadsheet and it also contains some national news. It is aimed at the working class and it costs 20p. On the other hand a broadsheet has very big pages and longer stories but less photographs. It contains more national and international news, politics and war etc and it also covers sport and showbiz although not in much detail as the tabloids. It is aimed at the middle to working class and is priced at 45p. I will use the stereotypes of these newspapers to see how it affects the articles and I will also be comparing the language, headings, sub-headings photos, fonts etc. ...read more.


There are about four sections, each with its own small title. The layout is questionable to me because a lot of space is wasted through the photos. They could have made the photos smaller and they could have written more and a bit bigger because there is not a lot of writing about the actual story and the writing is very small. The vocabulary is very simple but gruesome and this shows us that the paper is aimed at the working class. Most working class people work in very hard jobs which require a lot of physical effort and these kind of people are meant to be tough so that is why tough language is used e.g. 'unimaginable savagery', 'butchering' and they use slang words liked 'gagged'. The first section is a summary of what happened and in the next section titled 'Sarcastic' it describes he killed Gillian because she taunted him about sex, so the sun is trying to get its viewpoint across to the public that it is a sarcastic thing to do, killing someone because they taunt you about sex. The next section titled 'Burglaries' tells how he stole the credit card and was caught withdrawing cash from Mr Smith's account. The third section is titled 'Argument and it has comments from the judges and prosecutors while the final section is titled 'Letters' in which they say that Mr Hobbs wrote to his sister from jail and told her he 'did it'. ...read more.


The Sun mentions that they made love before he killed her about three times in the article and it also describes in more detail about their lovemaking while the Guardian talks more about how the murder was committed and what happened and it also gives views from a variety of people unlike The Sun which has few quotes from other sources. In my opinion the Guardian is a better paper to read because it gives readers different dimensions to the story while The Sun tells the viewers what it thinks. The Sun also has more slang because its target audience uses slang a lot while the Guardian's audience use Standard English. There was much more detail in the Guardian while The Sun had a lot of irrelevant text. The Guardian was well constructed and the photos were better although I think that The Sun's heading was much better because it told you a lot about the article and the photo of the weapons made the story even more gruesome. Tabloid readers just want to know the story flat out and that's it, while broadsheet readers want to know about the story from every angle. Overall a broadsheet reader will have a better understanding of the story than a tabloid reader although a tabloid reader will get better photographs and more gossip about the story because tabloids like gossiping while broadsheets are dead serious. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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