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Comparison of ‘ the Sunday Times ’ and ‘ the News of the World ’.

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COMPARISON OF ' THE SUNDAY TIMES ' AND ' THE NEWS OF THE WORLD ' Introduction The Sunday Times is a highly regarded newspaper, tending to be very conservative and highly informative. It is aimed at those who are interested in all the details about current affairs. The News Of The World is a tabloid newspaper. These are papers that appeal to people who may just want to scan the news quickly, in order to have a good idea about the events happening around the world, without giving up great amounts of time to read a lengthy article or articles. They are distinct in the way that they deal with presenting the news to their readers. In this piece of coursework I am going to analyse and compare the two papers by looking at their respective front page in detail and briefly looking at how the two papers treat the same story differently. Headlines The Sunday times is a broadsheet and typically, has a bold, medium sized headline, in lower case letters. The headline is bold so attracts the reader, but much more importantly the headline hits you hard. The headline, ' Astronaut's die as shuttle explodes above earth ', is a very emotive headline that gets straight to the point, instantly the reader knows that astronauts have been killed because their shuttle has blown up. Words such as 'die' and 'explodes' help to achieve this, the headline puts the reader in deep shock as it is sudden and unexpected. It clearly explains and summarises the main point of the story, the headline fits in with the picture very well as it shows a star like object exploding (this is later fully developed in the ' Photographs paragraph'. The Times also has two mini sub-headings relating to the story. The News Of The World headline is typical of a tabloid, it fills up a lot of space. ...read more.


This is emotive as it shows an explosion and it tells the reader the astronauts could not have survived this because of the nature of the picture and the word ' die '. The second picture is in the central area, in-between the columns of text; this picture is also very emotive in relation to the headline and to the story. The picture shows the seven astronauts all looking happy before their 'ill-fated 16-day mission', which creates sadness because words such as 'die' are used and the picture shows the astronauts all happy, when the fact is they are dead. The News Of The World has two pictures on the front page but one is significantly bigger than the other. The main picture is big so fills the entire page and acts as a background, this attracts the reader and is very unusual as a picture is rarely used as a background. The picture is exactly the same as the Sunday times, the two are similar in using emotive techniques. The News Of The World simply states ' NO CHANCE' and refers to the astronauts having no chance of surviving, the massive explosion shown in the picture. The picture fits in very well with the headline and makes the reader to think first, the sheer brightness and size of the picture creates a vivid impact, which attracts the reader. The second picture is much smaller and is again of the astronauts smiling, this creates emotion as in the Sunday times. it shows the astronaust in normal clothing=, just lik me and you and it almost creates a sense that they are normal people and are helpless, even though they are astronauts. In respect the two newspapers are similar as they both use emotive techniques. The Times and News Of The World are both the same picture-wise, both are horrific images that shock, scare and have a deep effect on those who see them. ...read more.


Overall the News Of The World uses many more visuals than the Times. It uses visuals so that the reader knows what has happened, withought going to extreme detail in the copy. The News Of The World uses sensative pictures of anxious families to add more emotion, while the Times uses more spectacular pictures and puts its detail into the text. From this we can gather that the tabloid may be aimed for some one who wants to know about the story but does not want to read great amounts. Conclusion The Sunday Times is very conservative in how it looks and puts great detail in its text. It uses facts, figures and more complex language in its story. The Times' front page is full of text and attracts the reader in this way. In the article, spectacular pictures are instead of an array of visuals, from this we can gather that the Times is aimed at those who are interested in the story and those who want to know as much about the story as possible. The Times may have a specific audience of more intellectual people. The News Of The World on the other hand has less copy and detail in its story. It uses bright pictures to attract an audience and it uses many more dramatic, sensational pictures in its story, rather than great detail in the text. It is less complex, more emotive and easier to read. Thus we can gather that it is aimed at an audience who want to scan the news, those who want to know the story but not read great amounts and those who want to see more visuals. In my opinion, I like the influential, sensational article of the News Of The World because of the many interesting visuals they have. It is visually stunning and very attractive, but prefer the Times as you get a clear sense of the story, you hear from many sources, each with a great deal of significance and it is much more detailed so you can easily form a calculated opinion. ...read more.

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