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Comparison of two Media Sources

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For my media assignment I will be comparing two informative leaflets, the first is more of a booklet rather than a leaflet and is called "NHS wigs and fabrics support" and the second leaflet is titled "Back to Sleep: Reducing the risk of cot death". I will be analysing how the features and styles of these two leaflets compare to each other and affect their target audiences. The fronts of the booklet and leaflet are both simple yet both give different emotions with their initial impression. The NHS leaflet is very plain and dismal though complements the language, which is formal and easy to understand. It has a simple layout compromising of rectangular boxes yet has no illustrations or images on it. On the other hand the Back to Sleep leaflet is more inviting and users more joy full and brighter colours, a contrast to its dull and serious message. ...read more.


The layout of the text in each leaflet differs and is similar at the same time. The both have clear structured paragraphs and make use of bullet points to highlight key information; the NHS leaflet uses margins to make its leaflet very neat and tidy. Moreover, the Back to Sleep leaflet does not imply margins to define its structure, yet has a clear line where the text starts. The language used and implemented in the Back to Sleep letter is very easy to read and gives an impression of informality and friendliness towards the reader. It is very understandably worded and does not include any scientific words or jargon that could confuse or putt off a reader. It clearly identifies the point it is making by using titles and sub titles that are very much to the point. ...read more.


However, as well as being alike in layout, the purpose of the Back to Sleeps is differs because this leaflet is a mixture of persuasive and informing. The colours are much brighter than the NHS leaflet, probably to attract attention to the leaflet initially. This leaflet also contains images of the correct and incorrect way that a baby should lie to avoid cot death. The Back to Sleep leaflet does not contain a slogan either. To conclude these two leaflets serve contrast and similarities in the purpose, design and information. This is mainly because there target audiences are different in terms of the NHS leaflets reader already has knowledge and is only improving on how they can benefit from free wigs/fabric support. Moreover, the reader of the Back to Sleep leaflet might have none or limited knowledge on cot related deaths. Comparison of two Media Sources English ...read more.

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