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Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations: Their effects on the ecosystem

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Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations: Their effects on the ecosystem Bryan Tangney 696781 Environmental Studies 148 Dorothy Daley October 10th 2001 You have just bought the house of your dreams on an 80-acre tract of land in beautiful Northeastern Kansas, and you are thinking that life is perfect. But soon your life is being taken over by a repulsive, intruding smell. This smell is emanating from a CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations), which is a corporate farming operation that houses thousands of hogs in a confined area. CAFOs have many disadvantages, such as air pollution, water pollution, decline of the independent farmer, and animal cruelty to name a few. CAFOs cause a massive amount of damage to an area's ecosystem. The damage is done in the form of fecal waste. These hogs are alive for one basic reason, to eat in order to grow large and be slaughtered. This cycle causes a hog to produce a mass amount of fecal matter in its lifetime. ...read more.


The author makes no attempt to appeal to the feelings of his readers. His status as a scientist gave verification of his knowledge on the given subject, as well as reinforces the fact that he would write an unbiased article. The next source was taken from a well-known scientific magazine by the name of The American Scientist. This article discusses namely "The Impacts of Industrial Animal Production and Estuaries." Simply the name of this article gives a chilling sense of boredom. Michael Mallin, the author, gives several examples of how a CAFO can endanger the health of those people surrounded by it, while citing the majority of his information to other studies. Overall, he delivers an objective view of the situation. Besides the presence of full-color pictures this article was much like the scientific journal. The third example of media is a popular national magazine. In the U.S. News and World Report, "Hog heaven-and hell" by Michael Satchell paints a grim picture of life on or around a CAFO. ...read more.


Websites are an overflowing fountain for environmental news. However, there are two main types: Government and Non-Government. One EPA website contained an article telling of how a Boise-area Hog Farm had to pay $6,250 to settle a waste discharge complaint. Once again, this was written in a stoic, professional manner, with no colorful language and a plethora of statistical figures. This article was very comparable to the article from the scientific journal, both having little journalistic value and a wealth of scientific significance. The other website belonged to an organization named "The Institute for Agricultural and Trade Policy." The article that was written by Margaret Halverson contained many radical ideas pertaining to the elimination of all CAFOs. In her article she harshly reprimands the federal and local governments for their inactivity in the case of CAFOs. Her radicalism is possible because of the fact that this article was written solely to voice her opinions, not be read by a national audience. In reading these articles, it is apparent that CAFOs are a detriment to the ecosystem. ...read more.

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