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Discuss The Representation Of Britishness In Two Or Three Media Texts

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GCSE Media Studies Coursework 1.2 Discuss The Representation Of 'Britishness' In Two Or Three Media Texts The three British Media text that were analysed were, first of all, pages 1-3 of 'The Sun' newspaper dated January 30th 2007, secondly the BBC news web page created January 5th 2007 and last of all the first episode of the British television sketch show, 'Little Britain. 'The Sun' is a tabloid newspaper that aims at stories that hold gravitas, which are usually big political issues in a short time period. A tabloid is an industry term which refers to a smaller newspaper format per spread; to a weekly or semi-weekly alternative newspaper that focuses on local-interest stories and entertainment, often distributed free of charge (often in a smaller, tabloid-sized newspaper format); or to a newspaper that tends to emphasize sensational crime stories, gossip columns repeating scandalous innuendos about the personal lives of celebrities and sports stars, and other so-called "junk food news" (often in a smaller, tabloid-sized newspaper format). As the term "tabloid" has become synonymous with down-market newspapers in some areas, some small-format papers which claim a higher standard of journalism refer to themselves as "compact" newspapers instead. Tabloids are also known as 'red tops' because the title on the front cover is red, they can also be referred to as gutter press. ...read more.


'The Sun' newspaper shows that we are all equal and that the term 'Britishness' is within us all as it is not just a physical thing. The heading 'LET'S BEAT THE BIGOTS' shows how 'The Sun' is trying to put a stop to racism. The BBC News web page from Thursday 25th January 2007 consults about changing the school curriculum so that British Values are taught to children till the age of sixteen. The way 'The Sun' is presented and the way the web page is presented show many similarities, but also many differences. Both the web page and 'The Sun' have given a short summary of the story, but 'The Sun' has been made to stand out more with the various text and images used. The way the web page has presented itself, shows that the images have been used to back up what has been said within the text. Both articles differ as of the way they present themselves; 'The Sun' tends to use big images and text to grab the reader's interest, while the web page is purely by reader's interest. The web page is shown to be more interactive as of it consists of voting polls where the user can express their view on the situation; also navigation to other related topics can be viewed through the various links. ...read more.


The next sketch is of Kelsey Grammar School, whereby they over exaggerate on the fact that it is a grammar school. Comedy is first show when the kids come out for 'break', but it is not really seen as break as it is only five seconds, the children within this school are shown as obedient and smart, comedy is shown within the end of the sketch as we see that the teacher is under qualified to do what the students can do. The final sketch to be spoken about is the one involving the fat fighters; comedy is shown here with racism and prejudice from Marjorie, who is also a hypocrite, racism and prejudice is shown when Mary clearly says "fish and chips", and says this repeatedly, Marjorie pretends as is she does not understand Mary and writes down curry. Marjorie is seen as a hypocrite when she seems to make fun of people about their weight when she is clearly big herself. Britishness within Little Britain is shown as an optimistic thing. The nastier the characters are, the more they are seen not to be liked, as they are also the ones who show racism towards other people and are also ignorant. Britishness throughout all three media text shows that Britishness is an excellent thing. The media shows that people accept Britishness are tolerant while the people that don't are narrow-minded are should be ignored which was shown in both 'The Sun' and Little Britain. ...read more.

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