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Hotel Rwanda

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Hotel Rwanda: History vs. Hollywood Ashley Newman Fifteen years ago, Americans had little to no recognition of the genocide occurring in Rwanda. Nearly a million innocent Africans were killed in a dispute against two races, but somehow most of the American population was unaware (Snow). The movie Hotel Rwanda depicts this horrifying story, and closens up on Paul Rusesabagina, a man who helped save the lives to over a thousand people. Paul has a family, was the manager of a Belgian owned hotel in Rwanda, and used his well connections to save him, his family, and other innocent lives to survive through the genocide. This gripping story of courage and hope is portrayed well by director George Terry, however the historical accuracy of the context is not always correct. After comparing the facts to what happened in the movie, one can conclude that this movie was certainly dramatized to appeal to American viewers. To realize this, the real facts are a necessary factor. The genocide in Africa begins with a civil dispute between the two races of Rwanda- the Tutsi's and the Hutu's (Snow). ...read more.


Paul continues to dodge the Hutu soldiers through bribery and will eventually give up all of his valuable possessions and money to the Hutu's in exchange for survival. Amidst the horror and massive death toll, Paul continued to harbor children, neighbors, family members, and other desperate Tutsi's in his hotel. At one point, there was over 1,000 refugees in his hotel. UN soldiers guarded the hotel for part of the genocide, until one of the most frustrating parts of the movie occurs. At this point of the film, the UN colonel tells Paul that they can no longer intervene at the hotel and that they are virtually alone, because "You're back...You're an African." This reason as to why they would not intervene is not true, considering the UN and United States troops intervened in Somalia to help save black Muslims the year before. This is yet another historical inaccuracy, and it proves to be an attempt to strengthen the plot of the story. The truth of why the UN left is that there was too many deaths of soldiers, and the UN was usually not lenient to help Christians, which is what the Tutsi's were. ...read more.


The previous mistreatments of Hutu's lead to this, and can give partial blame to the Tutsi's, which is what the movie fails to describe. Paul Rusesabagina provides a heart-clenching story through "Hotel Rwanda", and proves that one of the themes shown, (one man can make a difference in the world), is highly acceptable and is proven through his successes. Regardless of the historical inaccuracies, the movie, for me, was well written. However, I felt the viewpoint of the story was very Americanized and did not portray the full truth of it all, which is very disappointing. I think that it could have focused more on the facts rather than the relationships, heartfelt, and so on, but that is one of the primary reasons why this movie is Hollywood not history. This movie is made to have the viewer feeling knowledgeable and guilty for the Tutsi's, and maybe even leading them to want to support the cause. However, the real truth will never be shown to the entire public because the truth is not what people want to hear, and I feel that all successful movies in America do not show the truth to it all. In the end, Hotel Rwanda was nominated in almost all of the top movie award ceremonies, and depicted a great story with true effort. ...read more.

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