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How does the film The Truman Show tell the audience about the influence of the media?

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Barney Grove 30.09.06 How does the film The Truman Show tell the audience about the influence of the media? The Truman Show is showing us how often the media influences our everyday lives and that we are sometimes not even aware of it. For example, although Mrs Truman is going a little over the top when she advertises some branded coco powder, whilst having a conversation to Truman - we don't think about it when we talk about a brand, but in a way we are advertising it. It also reminds us that sometimes our social lives are often based around the media. For example the two old ladies sitting on the couch watching Truman whilst clutching Truman cushions. There is also the Truman bar- a bar themed on a TV show. Another point brought to my attention was that Truman listens to basically whatever the media tells him. An example being at the start of the film when a light falls off the ceiling and lands by Truman's house, this is then explained on the radio to be a part from an aeroplane that was dropped a few minutes earlier over Seahaven and Truman thinks nothing more of it. Christoff seems to know that Truman will listen to what he is told by the media, when he turns on the TV it is almost like he is listening to his god. ...read more.


The ways in which Truman is influenced by the media reflects how the media influences us. For instance if we were thinking about going on holiday to a certain destination, and then it featured on "holidays from hell" the same day then we might have second thought? This is how the TV influenced Truman on his decision to stay at Seahaven. Although the media cannot make our (or even Truman's) mind up, it can persuade us with our decisions. Seahaven is a charming little town. It is immaculately clean and everyone there seems to look smart, friendly and purposeful. The buildings there are attractive pastel coloured villas lawns like a putting green. There is no pollution on Seahaven and definitely no crime. Seahaven is Christoffs idea of what a town should be like. The American Dream would have started in towns like Seahaven. The American dream is typically two. five kids, a detached house in the suburbs with a two car garage and of course financial security. This is a typical middle class lifestyle and as many may have realised, it is mainly based on material items. Many people aspire to achieve the American dream; but many people who achieve it discover it does not bring happiness. In away Seahaven sort of mimics the American dream. ...read more.


It is relatively similar as Truman is often influenced by the media. For example if something odd happens in Seahaven e.g. Truman thinks he sees his dad in a tramp outfit then Christoff would put something like "crack down on Tramps in Seahaven" as the newspaper headline the next day- Truman would then think nothing more of it so in a way he is being manipulated by the media. In Seahaven Truman is influenced by the media on huge decisions notably whether to leave Seahaven for Fiji or whether to stay in his hometown. I believe that the Truman show is so effective because it is such an original idea, unlike many films nowadays particularly comedies, which are so repetitive - once you have seen one, you have seen them all. It also is effective because it is the sort of thing that could actually happen in the not so distant future - this makes us think. It is quite similar to channel 4s "space cadets" this is where they tricked some less intelligent looking people into believing they were actually in space. Something like the Truman show could happen quite soon, but would you feel morally right by watching it? The Truman show definitely reminds us how much the media influences us in the 21st century. I wonder if our lives will ever be like Truman's. ...read more.

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