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How has media affected people in BNW and today's world?

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How has media affected people in BNW and today's world? In today's media dominated world, one can not escape the impact of it no matter where you live. This impact can change the lives of both the target subject as well as the audience. Despite the intention of the media, be it good will or personal greed for fame and wealth, the outcome is more like the same. That is: it does more harms than good to the persons involved. Although in Brave New World, People of different castes were "conditioned" to behave in a certain way from the day they were "created", media still played an important role in affecting their lives. The effects of media are depicted in two different areas. For instance, in Chapter 11, the Director of Hatchery was exposed of having a son, which is considered a sin in their world. Within days, this shocking news was known around the world. ...read more.


Media caused their fascinations. In our society the power of media is far greater than we think. Sometimes the effects are immediate and obvious. Like a child imitating actions of a super hero after watching a cartoon. But other times the impact isn't noticeable right away. For instance violence, the use of drugs and early sexual behaviors, are three main problems that emerge only during teenage and young adult years. This is due to the fact of media influences from our childhood. One big part of media is television, due to its popularity. Good, or bad? In the case of BNW, negative effects are on the heavier side of the scale. But in their society where stability out weights all other aspects. People lived an identical life everyday. Their minds had already been molded into a fixed form. What they were allowed to see, hear or feel couldn't prevail over their beliefs. Whereas in our society, freethinking and individuality are encouraged. ...read more.


That is: it does more harms than good to the persons involved. * Effects of media in BNW (on whom it may concern) - Chp 11, when Director is exposed of having a son - Chp 18, when John is interviewed by a reporter/ Secret photographer taking pictures * Effects of media in our world (on whom it may concern) - Death of Princess Diana * Effects of media in BNW (on viewers) - Couples visit John as a tourist attraction * Effects of media in our world (on viewers) - Immediate influences on children - Violence, drugs, sex are strong impacts on teenagers, young adults * Good or bad, worse in BNW or our world? - Bad because it creates many disadvantages, and more in our world due to its instability In both BNW and our world, exaggerated or even false media messages are sent out. These messages once misinterpreted can cause disastrous consequences. Different forms of media continue to endanger our minds on daily bases. Instead of letting the government censor our TV programs as in BNW, we should sift messages from the media consciously. After all, our mind, our control. ...read more.

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