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I am going to compare two very popular films; Shrek and Snow White. I am going to show both the difference and the similarities between the two films by comparing the genre, the language, and the use of animation and the characters.

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'Shrek and 'Snow White' For this essay I am going to compare two very popular films; 'Shrek and 'Snow White'. I am going to show both the difference and the similarities between the two films by comparing the genre, the language, and the use of animation and the characters. I am firstly going to analyze 'Snow White'. This classic story was the first ever animation film. The story was produced by Disney during the Great Depression in the 1930's. The film is said to have lifted people's spirits in this very sad era. It was a chance for them to forget about the things they where going through- deaths, job losses, money worries and low food supplies. A lot of people of this time were living in misery. So this story of people living 'happily ever after' was a big hit. 'Snow White' written by the Bothers Grimm is a fairytale which has set the traditional rules for what future fairytales should be like. This is obvious because nowadays most fairytales have a beautiful, leading lady, a charming prince, an evil person and a happy ending. This story is about an innocent princess who is cared for by her evil stepmother. ...read more.


Shrek couldn't be any further away from what a fairytale hero is supposed to be like. 'Shrek' was written by William Steig and was produced by Disney is 2001. It broke all of the normal fairy tale rules. The usual 'leading lady' is actually an ugly ogre and the other characters consist of a talking donkey and a short, misshapen lord. The film also contains well known fairytale creatures such as Pinocchio and the wolf from Little Red Riding Hood. But the characters are over exaggerated as stereo types which adds a lot more humor to the film. Although the princess in Shrek is alike to Snow White in her beauty she has many differences. For one Princess Fiona has long ginger hair and freckled skin. Snow White would be described as an 'English rose' due to her jet black hair, pale skin and red lips. Another difference is that Snow White is a very quiet, traditional woman from the 1930's whereas Fiona is a tomboy. She has an attitude and she likes to fight her own battles like when she single handedly fights Robin Hood and his Men. This once again is due to the time the films are set and the different audiences who watch these films. ...read more.


Shrek takes a lot of parts out of other fairytales and parodies them. This is one of the main things that make the film so funny. For example the scene where Fiona is fighting in the woods is mimics 'The Matrix'. Snow White has a few funny parts but it is nowhere near as hilarious as Shrek. All of Shreks characters are very funny not just in the things they say but in there appearance. For example Lord Farquad is so funny because of his small size. He looks like a 'Jack' on a pack of cards. On the other hand Snow Whites only humorous character is 'Dopey' who is funny because of his clumsiness and misunderstandings. But the humor is kept to a minimum in Snow White. Despite all these differences there are a few of similarities. Even though there is a 70 year old age gap both films contain a princess, even though they are very different, a hero, an evil person and a happy ending. In my opinion Shrek is the better of the two films. The use of technology and funny gimmicks fit in very well with this genre of films today. I also really like Snow White though. I think it is very important because without it we would not have the animations which have followed in its footsteps. By Danekka Widdows ...read more.

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