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Impact of ICT on newspaper production.

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IMPACT OF ICT ON NEWSPAPER PRODUCTION Newspaper Production In The Past Basically, printing is the process of making multiple copies of a document by the use of movable characters or letters. The process was developed independently in China and Europe. Before the invention of printing, multiple copies of a manuscript had to be made by hand, a laborious task that could take many years. Printing made it possible to produce more copies in a few weeks than formerly could have been produced in a lifetime by hand. Invented by Johann Gutenberg in c1450, the printing press made the mass publication and circulation of literature possible. Derived from the presses farmers used to make olive oil, the first printing press used a heavy screw to force a printing block against the paper below. ...read more.


What civilization gained from Gutenberg's invention is incalculable. Newspaper Production As It Is Now Newspaper printing is a lot different today than what it used to be. The newspapers are now printed a lot faster with the use of laser technology. With this laser technology first text, headlines and pictures etc are entered onto a computer by means of a computer word processing software program. When a copy is ready to be printed, a special chip inside the printer then projects the text onto the drum (a laser beam replaces the reflected light used in an ordinary photocopier). The laser does not move but is reflected across the width of the drum by a spinning mirror. Each time the light reflects onto the drum, areas that would correspond to the white portions of the paper, become temporarily uncharged. ...read more.


the report which they can then send with the digital photos from their laptop with wireless technology back to their headquarters ready for printing 30 minutes after the match. The Internet The internet is now another very popular way for news to be distributed. News groups from all over the world are developing a website for their news to be posted for people to read. A very popular one in the UK would be http://www.bbc.co.uk/news. New news articles are added each day and old articles are archived on the site and can be easily searched for. These news articles are constantly getting updated or changed when new news arrives in. Employee There are many advantages and disadvantages for employees. When newspapers were first introduced many people were needed for the production of weekly newspapers, but as time has gone by and technology has got better and better less people were needed. 2 ...read more.

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