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In the film Shawshank Redemption directed by Frank Darabont, many production techniques were used such as lighting, camera work, music and colouring.

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In the film "Shawshank Redemption" directed by Frank Darabont, many production techniques were used such as lighting, camera work, music and colouring. The prison is portrayed as grey and dismal, a place designed to take away the hope of prisoners. Within the prison environment the prisoners are often shown in shadows and darkness, looking depressed. However, one prisoner is different, the main character Andy Dufresne. From the beginning, it is obvious that Andy holds something the others do not, Andy keeps hope that one day he will be free from prison. Andy Dufresne stands tall, always keeping his head held high and even when everyone surrounding him has given up on hope, Andy never let the bleak prison environment to take away his hope. ...read more.


each of my co-workers, I feel a man working outdoors feels more like a man with a bottle of suds to drink.' It pays off but he has risked his life to do this. The scene was shot in the late afternoon sun; the sun gives a golden glow effect to the shot and reinforces the voice over. The voice over says, "We sat and drank under the sun on our shoulders and felt like freemen. We were the lords of all creation." The men are also positioned in the foreground of the frame with the guards in the background. This is done to show that the prisoners were in control. ...read more.


Frank Darabont used editing techniques in the 'roof top' scene and lighting to symbolize hope. He used the editing techniques of dissolving shots and voice over to enhance these ideas. I think the director has used the theme of hope to give the audience a sense of anticipation as it took Andy years to get what he wanted. For example it took him six years to receive extra books for the library. It took over one year to get Tommy his school equivalency and it took nearly 20 years to break out of prison. The director has used film techniques like camera shots and voice over to show the theme of hope in more depth. Andy's determination and persistence had allowed him to reach his final 'redemption' which was a new 'dream' life in Mexico. ...read more.

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