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In this assignment I had to produce 5 different types of document. I have now produced all of them and am going to now give each of them marks out of 10 on how good they are.

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In this assignment I had to produce 5 different types of document. I have now produced all of them and am going to now give each of them marks out of 10 on how good they are. Below is the table, which shows the results. Marks for my documents out of 10 been the highest and 1 the lowest. Flyer 9 Minutes of Meeting 7 Letter 9 Itinerary 9 Newsletter Article 8 Here I have shown the result for each of my document into a bar chart. My Flyer Real Flyer Purpose The purpose of my flyer was to make the public see this Musical Show called 'Bombay Dreams'. The real flyer is about an online science degree course to help adults work from home. Style of writing As this was a publicity flyer, I had to use persuasive language to advertise it. The real flyer text and pictures it also uses persuasive language to attract people. Presentation technique The sort of features I used to make my complete flyer and to get public attention are: Bitmap graphics, Vector graphics, Border and shading text attribute, line spacing, bullet and numbering, font style ands size, justification, column layouts, colour and title and heading. ...read more.


It has no header and footers. Comparison on my minutes of meeting and a real m.o.m My letter Real Letter Purpose Informing the students who participated in the school play about a trip to the West End Theatre The real letter different it Is asking someone who is a food specialist to come to see a new restaurant. Style of writing The style of writing I have used for my letter is formal. The real letter is also formal. Presentation technique The font style I used was, Mistral, Antique Olive and Arial. The size I used was 12, 11, 10 and 36. The features I used were, fonts and sizes, text attribute, justification, header and footer, use of clipart, border and shading and line spacing. The real letter is also font size 12. The real flyer has fonts and sizes, text attribute, justification, headers and footers. Line spacing. Layout The paper size A4 and Page orientation is portrait, also headers and footers, line spacing, different font size and style, margins, border and shading and paragraph formats. The letter layout includes the usual requirements of: * Senders address * Recipients address * Phone number * Fax number * The date * Topic of letter * Signature ...read more.


Style of writing The style of writing is formal The style of writing is also formal same as my flyer Presentation technique The font styles I used for the flyer were Arial and Times New Romans. I used different sizes for my fonts, depending on what it was showing. The sizes I used were, 20,1216. I used different font colour and Bitmap and vector images to make it look professional. To create effective good looking document the features I used were: Combination of text and graphic, columns, justification, border and shading, engrave, shadows, colours, upper and lower cases, titles and headings, fonts and sizes, text attributes and line spacing. The real newsletter does not have a lot of eye catch thing it is simple but professional. It has good use of texts and pictures. The features are quite similarities but have not got all the things included to mine. Layout The layout I used was paper size A4 and page orientation portrait, line spacing, fonts, and margins. The layout is also the same it paper size is A4 and page orientation is Portrait. It has no headers and footers. There is line spacing used. Comparison on my newsletter and a real newsletter GNVQ ICT Intermediate UNIT 1 - Presenting Information- Report ...read more.

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