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In Your opinion is Johnny Depps Portrayal of Willy Wonka in Charlie and The chocolate factory based on Michael Jackson?

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In Your opinion is Johnny Depp?s Portrayal of Willy Wonka in ?Charlie and The chocolate factory? based on Michael Jackson? ?Charlie and the chocolate factory? was a film Directed by Tim Burton in 2005 starring Johnny Depp and Freddie Highmore. It is about an eccentric Chocolatier called Willy Wonka, Who due to a restricted childhood, with a candy hating dentist for a father, grew to feel extremely passionate about sweets and chocolate. Willy Wonka then took in to his own hands, and created his own magical Chocolate factory. A few years into his business we was victimised by a group of Spy?s trying to steal his secret recipe, As a result, he lost all his trust in adults and closed down the factory ?forever?. However this factory was surprisingly re opened with only five VIP guests allowed in for a tour of the factory. In order to decide which five people were allowed the tour, he hid 5 golden tickets in five ordinary looking Wonka bars. Whoever found these tickets would be allowed to attend this tour. One of these five guests would receive an unimaginable Prize at the end of this tour. Charlie Later found out that the prize was the factory. The initial Assumption that Johnny Depp?s portrayal of Willy Wonka is in fact based on Michael Jackson has been created mainly by the media. ...read more.


As Michael Jackson was deprived of a childhood, when he became older, he opened his own fantasy land called ?nevaland?, giving other children the opportunity to ?play?, that he never had. Both characters seemed to be stuck in the past, living now what they should of as a child. The chocolate factory environment was noticeably similar to Michael Jackson?s ?Nevaland?. The chocolate factory is magical and full of rides and activities such as the glass elevator and the boat ride, this is much like Michael Jackson?s ?Nevaland?. The factory is also similar to ?Nevaland? as it was made especially for children, and has mostly children visitors. Willy Wonka?s factory was invaded by spies, as a result of this he closed his factory down, fired all workers and lost trust in all adults. This is similar to Michael Jackson, however, instead of being invaded by spies, his life was somewhat invaded by the media and paparazzi. Also, due to the paedophilia allegations made against him, he lost trust in a lot of people. Also in the film, just as the children are entering the factory, there is a puppet show production greeting them. In The Puppet show there were a lot of puppet children dancing around having fun (much like they would in nevaland) when one of the mechanical items goes wrong and starts to spark. ...read more.


And also towards Mike Teevee, Mike is always questioning Willy?s thoughts and actions, which Willy does not like. Willy Wonka accuses Mike of mumbling whenever Mike talks, when in fact Willy can hear Mike he is just choosing not to acknowledge what he?s saying. Also whenever one of the children get into trouble, for example, when Verucca is thrown down the garbage shoot, Willy Wonka just stands back and does nothing, even though he has the power to save them. This is the total opposite to Michael Jackson as Michael Jackson adores children and is always nice to them. He would never even dream of being rude to them or putting them in danger. One last reason to show that Willy Wonka was not based on Michael Jackson is that Willy Wonka owns a chocolate factory and Michael Jackson owns Nevaland. Michael Jackson was never involved in a chocolate factory, and Willy Wonka was never involved with an amusement park such as Nevaland. In conclusion I believe that Willy Was in fact based upon Michael Jackson as there are too many similarities, some possibly too similar to be coincidental. Johnny Depp and Tim Burton just did this in a less obvious way so that it was not too apparent to the audience. Also the new version of Willy Wonka was released during the time that Michael Jackson was on trial for his paedophilia allegations, and maybe Johnny Depp and Tim Burton did this to show a hidden message about Michael Jackson. ...read more.

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