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Looking at and analyzing three holiday brochure extracts.

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Media Coursework For this coursework I will be looking at and analyzing three holiday brochure extracts. The first, "Club 18-30" is aimed at a target audience of people aged eighteen to thirty who are interested in more of a clubbing, party oriented holiday. The second, "Superfamily" is aimed at families, or more specifically, parents. The third extract, "Forever Young" is aimed toward to the older generation or people who want a more relaxed, calm, sight seeing style of holiday. Selling a holiday to the target audience is the main aim of the three companies who designed and advertised the brochures. For this reason the brochures may appear 'spiced up' in order to make them seem more appealing to the target audience. Pictures are used in all three holiday brochure extracts. This is done for two reasons. The first being to break up the text in order to make it more appealing to the eye. A holiday with text and a picture looks far more appealing than a brochure with only solid blocks of text. ...read more.


The fact that there are no children shows that this particular holiday isn't child/family orientated. Heading let the reader know with a quick glance what the brochure is about. Although all three of the holiday brochure extracts have the same heading, (Majorca), they each have it written in a different way. In the "Club 18-30" extract, the heading is completely written in lower case and is in a wonkey, un-even font. The fact that it is wonkey relates to the main purpose of the holiday to the target audience, to go clubbing and get drunk having a good time. The wonkey style writing relates to the way people walk and move when they are intoxicated. In the "Superfamily" extract the heading is written on the left side of the page within a wavy style design. The wavy design simulates the beach and the waves crashing against it. This implants the scene of the beach into the reader's mind, as they are most likely to spend time at the beach during their holiday. ...read more.


Rather than just saying that they offer those facilities, they have given specific information about each. This shows the reader that more time has been spent on giving more detailed descriptions on what is most important to the target audience, that their children are kept entertained and looked after properly. The bullet points in the "Forever Young" extract are also used to further break down the text in order to give more information to the reader. In this extract, bullet points are used to give a more detailed description of the "Location, "Facilities" and "Activities". These are what are most important to the target audience. The fact that there are no bullet points in the "Club 18-30" brochure shows that specific information about things like accommodation and facilities is not that important to the target audiences. Different styles of language are used in order to appeal to a certain type of a person/target audience. In the "Club 18-30" brochure lots of slang words, abbreviations and phrases are used, such as "tons", "going down", "fab", "nuff said", "'em", "don't suit" and "in yer face". ...read more.

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