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Making a leaflet

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Implementation Brief Description Leaflet I made the leaflet using publisher because it handles both text and images well. This meant I could scan the images that Tom (the manager) gave me on to the computer. If I wanted to keep a backup of the images I would copy and then paste them into the correct place leaving behind a backup file. If I did not want a backup file I would cut and then paste the images into the correct place this way it completely moves the file/image and does not just make a copy of it. For the text I mainly used word art from word. I typed out the word I wanted to become word art on word. I then used spell checker by pressing F7 like the example below. (I could also press the ABC button to get the same effect.) I then clicked the A symbol at the bottom of the screen, this is the symbol for word art. It then comes up with a selection for the type of style you want. I then clicked on the style I wanted. I then copied and pasted my word into the field as shown below. I did not change anything in the final design. Everything I used in the final hand written design went in to the final design. I suppose I have added in extra and taken away words in the final design. ...read more.


He gave me a printed copy of it and I then scanned it on to paint using the scanner. I then edited it in paint making it suitable for all of the designs. I then copied it on to my designs in publisher. To copy I used Ctrl + C and to paste I used Ctrl + V. 2) Image- To get this image I went on to the deals page of our web site and copied it onto Paint shop pro. I then cropped it down to the correct size and also edited appropriately to suit the task... 3) The slogan- This is the shops slogan I basically memorised it and then typed it into publisher in size 10 times new roman. 4) This is a list of the categories of deals at the computer market I memorized them and then typed them into the leaflet design using size 18 times new roman. 5) Border- This is the black border. As I made the leaflet using a blank publication I had to deign the border myself. So what I did is I went on auto shapes and used rectangles all the way around the piece of work. I then filled the rectangles black by clicking the fill button. 6) Mistake- I kept this as a mistake for proof. Here I forgot to type in 'DEALS' in size 20 times new roman, bold. ...read more.


4) I watermarked a picture of a computer we sell in the background. I took a picture of it then uploaded it onto word and then watermarked it and then pasted it into publisher. Once it was in publisher I sent it to the background. The text box behind it was made transparent 5) Image- To get this image I went on to the deals page of our web site and copied it onto Paint shop pro. I then cropped it down to the correct size and also edited appropriately to suit the task. Corrections Spelling and Grammar After reading my final written design I found quite a few mistakes. So took care throughout designing my final designs not to make to many mistakes. Also throughout making my designs I used spell checker, which is shown on word as an ABC button. You can also activate it on word by pressing F7. Unwanted sentences Through out my final designs I kept on finding I was making sentences that was not wanted or that did not make sense. To prevent this I read through my work to check for mistakes I then also asked Tom to read through my work as well. Copy right laws To prevent breaking the coy right terms I asked permission of all the websites before taking any pictures. As by accident I took one from the tiny website with out ASKING PERMISION but before printing the leaflet I deleted it. So in the end I did not break any laws after all. ?? ?? ?? ?? James Taylor 10WM ...read more.

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